Life Insuring

The safe from life highly is recommended for people who, are considered family heads, or that they collaborate with the mantenimento of a family, therefore different of the private providence that is a saving in the long run, ' ' Safe from life ' ' it is a risk covering, that guarantees to some dependent to be free of financial problems, that is, certain amount of money will go for this person. Another difference, important of being pointed is that the safe from life is more expensive, therefore has covered greater gamma of fatalities, while safe as of accidents they cover only deaths and invalidity. The obligations of the insured are: to give correct information to create the value of the prize (the value for which the paid insured to get the guarantee of the insurance and that it is received by the insuring one as payment for it to be taking the risk) of insurance. To the payment of the parcels and the immediate communication to the insuring one in the accident hypothesis, that is the foreseen occurrence of the harmful event in the act of contract of the insurance. The values of prizes of the insurances are not fixed, can vary of company for company. The stated period is of 30 days insuring to pay the indemnity to it. This stated period starts to count of the date of delivery of all the requested documentation to the insured.