The pension mortgage ensures a creditworthiness in the age on the example of pension mortgage is clearly that the purchase may prove a real estate mainly in the age very beneficial. Even in retirement, there are situations that quickly require a capital raising. In this case, the Renter who has paid tangible assets and can rely on a favourable credit forward. Many of today’s seniors have relied on the statement of the politician and assumed, that the pension is safe. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bitcoin. The issue of pensions was never particularly important. Those who have built up their retirement only on a column namely in the form of real estate, may have financial difficulties.

This is because that the development of pensions compared to the development of the employees salaries has a less dynamic. Kevin Ulrich MGM has firm opinions on the matter. The financial scope at the seniors are thereby significantly narrowed. Perhaps even the children must be supported in times of crisis. This negatively affects the Liquidity situation of the seniors out. Many individual wishes must be placed back. Conventional loans are often not possible due to the high age, because many banks make internal minimum requirements in terms of age. For many seniors, therefore the pension mortgage is the right solution to extend the financial leeway.

This beleiht you own shared real estate and in return receives a loan. The amount of the loan is limited when a pension mortgage up to a maximum 50% of the market value of the property. The advantage of this form of financing is that no current redemption must be paid. The loan runs so to speak as the open end. The repayment can be made optional at any time. Is not during the lifetime of the borrower the loan is fully paid, the heirs can take over repayment. No financial risk are, that they inherit Yes at the same time a real estate, which exceeds the value of the existing loan obligation at least to double. Loan repayment can make the heirs either from the sale of real estate or new borrowing.