Marketing Tool Online

Facebook as an Online Marketing tool the field of action of Facebook has no limits, we all know that it is a useful tool to keep in touch with our friends, seeing that festivals go, gossip that passes our around (socially speaking), we find those photos from when we were kids, create groups of alumni and make a dinner crowd, sharing our lives with all, or with very few, or with whom you choose (depending on the level of privacy you set). Facebook is used to all that and more, finally and after all we are talking about one of the discoveries of the century, or if not that asked more than 500 million users each day sharing their stories. Below we will help define the importance that has for a company or project be on Facebook. Facebook as a Marketing tool Online I have picked up several concepts that I believe that they may serve you to position your brand in Facebook and enhance your reach and communication on this social platform. -Start with a page official may have you think that even you you’ve ventured into creating a friend for your brand profile, well it is not nothing unreasonable in principle but do not follow the ethics of Facebook we? We are not friends of the brands, we are Fans, enthusiastic, passionate or as you call it. In addition pages offer us many advantages and possibilities of editing, development and creation without mentioning the applications like Involver, pagemode or MusicBox to name some do more? possibility to position our page and get create a perfect page as it may be it Victoria s Secret or Alicia Keys – to position your brand is important to position the brand from the beginning, why the name of the page is vital (link to give the custom name to your page once you have 25 fans) because it is not going to be able to change once more you set it and it is essential to improve the positioning web and Facebook.