Modern Salons

As promised, we are still speaking of sofas, that place which you spend hours and hours, either reading a book or with the computer, drawing or simply did nothing, lying facing the ceiling after the post by Patricia Urquiola, economical to share with you options I was looking for, it was not as simple (if you do not want to fall into the relieved IKEA), but no, I will not show any sofa of this Swedish brand, not because they don’t like me, but because I wanted to opt for any nearest option, literally. Sancal, is a Professor company, which makes some wonderful furniture for the home. The truth is that if we are to judge quality price, in this case is excellent quality at a less exorbitant price (though it is still design). We were testing the Folk, very comfortable and very nice model. Prices? Because without chaise longue, we would be talking about 1500 euros approximately. And from there because that one can wear out. It is cheaper, but I’m still talking about design and I can’t do miracles! Leverages the advantages offered by the outlet of Europa20 furniture and purchase furniture from leading brands with discounts of up to 60%. In the Europa20 furniture outlet you will find all kinds of furniture, lighting and designer accessories for the decoration of your House for lodging, and can opt for financing 12 months without interests of your purchase.

Cabinets, auxiliary furniture, compositions for Hall, bedrooms, carpets, youth furniture, libraries, Center and tables, dining room chairs, sofas for modern lounges and chairs and lighting design are waiting for you at the outlet of Europa20 furniture. With the outlet of Europa20 furniture you no longer an excuse for not renewing the decoration of your home. So I went into the room vip and we find ourselves surrounded by walls and mountains of pallets combined with a large amount of textiles made in IKEA, and some of his best-known designs, along with others that were presented as a novelty (like lamp Barmluf). And then we presented to Lorenzo Maezza (creative IKEA) and Teresa Sapey, they were already willing to tell us, to all those who there ourselves, how had developed the project. The clearer idea had from the very beginning, and we stressed on several occasions, was that they wanted to get a vip lounge present, elegant, comfortable and fun.

As Lorenzo Maezza told us: I want to than when enter this room people are so comfortable which them desire to remove your shoes. Of course we know you didn’t say you literally (imagine the scene!), but without a doubt is a phrase that makes very clear what sensation they wanted to transmit a space for relaxing, comfortable, also to work, to chat and have a drink relaxed and, above all, a space to be lived. This is how charged the design sense. I’ll take a phrase that said Lorenzo Maezza about the why of designing this space with IKEA: arc is art for everyone and we all know that IKEA is design for all. So they are a perfect pairing. And following with the spirit relaxed and casual in this space, I leave you with this selection of images so you can see how was the atmosphere they breathed between walls of pallets.