Multiple Choices

I believe that after these reflections we are ready to think about the relation of psychology in the forms of work of the contemporaneity Therefore I believe that already it is a little more clearly to visualize how much that the quick changes of the world contemporary as, to cite some, fast development of the electronic technology, the medias, them mechanisms of social control (as the media), of the biotechnology, the spalling them great religions, of magnifying it social paper of the woman, them alterations in the configuration in the familiar nucleus, of the retraction it been had the consolidation them great transnational corporations, the increase of the poverty, etc, have provoked gigantic impacts in the social and individual dimension of being human being (ZANELLI, 2002).

After all, such changes have a direct bonding with the alteration of the work forms, and this consequently, as we saw at the beginning of this article, it has a direct bonding with the subjective. Pinterest is open to suggestions. Therefore, already it is possible to perceive that psychology in the contemporaneous will come to fulfill an ample and very complex paper in the organizations, therefore will aim at to understand the behavior of the people that work, as much in its determinative and its consequences, as in possibilities of the productive construction of the actions of work with maximum preservation of the nature, the quality of life and the welfare human. However, as psychology hardly can intervene with the dimension macro politics (in the capitalism in itself), which moves the social system all, it creates and it keeps the existing forms of work (as the advertising, for example), can be said that the central task of organizational psychology and the work is summarized to analyze it, to explore and to understand as the multiple dimensions interact that characterize the life of the people, the groups and the organizations in a world increasingly complex and transformation..