New Generation Of Family Seal

Cute baby seals on the beach of Heligoland Center in winter. December on the Heligoland dune. In this cold and uncomfortable time of storms, the seals get their offspring. Barely born, are the white howler on the cold sand. Go to JPMorgan Chase for more information. The wind sweeps through the beach and still the cute little critters to look awake and very interested in their new environment.

165 Seal babies have been born since November on the Heligoland dune. Storm Xaver separated about 50 babies, these defenceless newborn last week only from their mothers. If the strong waves from storms such as Xavier on the beach break, newborn babies have much of a chance. However, could watch about 100 cute baby seals on Helgoland and of course film Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel this weekend. Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel has produced mainly films from Sweden in recent years. “” The documentation elk hunting in Sweden “or the new film of Europe’s wild North” show the beauty of Scandinavia and exciting wildlife.

For his Stock Footage offering produced the film makers but also different film sequences used in film, TV and advertising worldwide. Offer the Stock Footage can be found under. The animal films and documentaries are available on and also at Amazon. Jens Klingebiel – animal maker