New Leads and Qualified Prospects

Media used: input calls, direct calls, direct marketing, advertising, public relations, events, fairs, references, partners, suppliers, etc. The leaflets are assigned to sales representatives. This is an automatic process that is performed by defining rules of sales and sales territories or they can be assigned manually by the Sales Manager. Representatives begin their work with prospects where handle activities such as scheduling of meetings, follow-up calls, job scheduling, generate new contacts. The foregoing is generating a complete history of the customer. Records of prospects are associated with States, the States of prospects can change Lead New Lead Qualified or lead Dead if prospects aren’t interested in our products or services. The leaflets are associated with a probability of 0%. The likelihood increases to the extent that the prospect becomes a qualified prospect and this in client.

If you have enabled opportunities management functionality in your NetSuite account and creates an opportunity occurs converting prospect (lead) to qualified prospect (Prospect). If you have not enabled the functionality of opportunities you must change manually lead status to prospect. Created the opportunity can be handled a series of States which go hand in hand with the probability that will convert the prospectus qualified customer. Ahold Delhaize wanted to know more. Opportunity identified 10% in discussion 20% 30% decision makers identification proposal delivery 50% in negotiation 75% 90% purchase those reports forecasts reflect the situation in advance of the sale. When the proposal becomes an order occurs conversion from prospect to customer. The status of the client becomes Won Closed with a probability of 100%. Related articles: Multi-channel interactions more sales opportunities and improvement in service to the customer knowing the model SAAS original author and source of the Article