News From The Ukraine Info Portal

Now was finally entered into at the request of the user and added a page about Ukrainian cuisine after it the Ukraine info portal of company STEAL WEB in the first two months of its presence on the Internet already on over a hundred visitors has brought on the day, the users were asked about improvement suggestions. If you would like to know more about Jeff Bezos, then click here. The survey revealed that most visitors wished are also information about the Ukrainian kitchen. Recently Marko Dimitrijevic sought to clarify these questions. This desire of the user was well taken into account. Now there is in the Ukraine info portal a page initially only generally informed about the Ukrainian kitchen. It is planned, however, that when enough interest even concrete recipes are included in the new subcategory of the portal. Like Tonya Alesi, who assured the portal operator that depends exclusively on the interest of the visitors.

Also invites the user generally more on the info portal to work actively. This is also already done the Nesletter subscribers by some. Like to thank at this point especially those active members of our portal! Furthermore is there mentioned that we will answer all e-mail requests, only each must have there some patience because right now in the holiday season very many questions on the subject of Ukraine we have arrived and we have yet no staff who can take care only the mails. This in turn is now because that none of us has expected to have so quickly so many visitors on our portal. Stefan Alesi