Nottulner Business

All new spatially and conceptually proWork centrally, so is the new Office and business centre at the Technologiehof Munster’s Roxel. Although many on approximately 2,350 square metres surface existing offices, laboratories and classrooms for years are rented to a new concept and a new look here. Especially startups and young companies will benefit in the future from the modern facilities and the many offerings related to your own business. All new makes of may, it is said in the vernacular. But not in Munster’s Roxel. Here the new Office and business center has entered proWork in existing areas of the technology Court. But only the building, but not the look inside and the equipment is older at first glance.

The offices have been recently renovated, refurbished modern sanitary facilities and the entire input is also redesigned. Nottulner land you want to offer an optimal work environment especially startups and young companies. The whole concept of proWork is aligned. The tenants in Roxel profit not only from the usual services, such as office rental and secretarial services. Instead, there are many services around the daily business available available companies. The goal: Everyone in the House to can concentrate on their actual business. The many usually complicated and sometimes even costly tasks drum around”assume specialized partner companies on request. These are established over the years in the market and come from the fields of taxes, marketing, website design, IT, procurement of materials, insurance, administration, catering and more.

For the tenants of proWork, there are also special pricing. The core idea of the concept is: everybody does what he can do best! “.” We want to rent more than just rooms, because there are already enough in Munster”, so Viola Werner, who is responsible for the new concept on the part of the owner. Our focus is to reach especially the start-ups under the arms and to help them in their successful business.” In addition to its convenient location, the new Office and business center-based companies benefit from offers for body and soul come. A massage therapist comes by individual appointment directly in the House. But also the separate gym and the new guest robe Empire are all tenants available. Rental binding of the offices is adapted to the wishes of the companies individually. At proWork there starting at the virtual office – the possibility to rent offices by the hour, by the day or long-term (for short periods of notice). All information can be found on the new proWork website under. ProWork proWork: Is the new name and the new concept of the Roxel technology justice. The Office and business center rented office, laboratory, meeting and seminar rooms. Next to the location on the Nottulner land 90 there are more rooms 100 metres in Nottulner by road 104.