Open Letter

Open letter to Sr Luis Delia in amazement hear his words on radio, in the agenda of the Sr Fernando Pena, and a turn out of my stupor, I realize alarmed that I share his hatred and frustration. I hate waking up the morning and before leaving having to check that route is clear of that monster report without brain commanded by people like ud, trailing daily through the streets and my country routes, making my life and that of honest, hardworking people like myself, miserable. I hate thinking that Ud indoctrinating their offspring living with our money, we pay you for being our employee as an MEP, to make us hate without remedy by the color of skin, height, weight, culture, or go to know that. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nissan and gain more knowledge.. I hate to think that my children and grandchildren will have to continue to this vague and so superb rabble as their masters, the Kichner, because this seen that do not have the minimum intention to work or progress and no one is going to teach how to do it either. I hate knowing with certainty that the morons and political pollerudos of my province, Jujuy, are handled by a woman? Miracles Rooms superb and arrogant, with the approval of Suprema that sent millions of pesos monthly to keep a social, of hundreds of thousands of BA unit, patoteros and evil born. I hate to think that in my province this mafioso’s henchmen are armed with 300 or 500 guns 9 mm, with legal possession and that they are trained in polygons prepared for them shooting. I hate to see my family working in the field and in business, meeting schedules, paying wages and fulfilling their duties, citizens and know that rabble as Ud, the kichner, the menem, etc, and yours, living at the expense of honest toil and sweat away from the forehead of people like us.