Operational Excellence

Strategy at the highest level of Neufahrn. The American lean management expert, Kevin J Duggan, is sure that 2012 the year of operational excellence is. In Germany, an education that provides a framework for a new professional image starts on 20th October 2011. After seven strong content modules, participants will be able to act as operational excellence Manager in companies. Martin Sanger, Managing Director of the singer of training team, brought together seven experts from the relevant fields, who will share their practical knowledge. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeremy Tucker and gain more knowledge.. Operational belongs to the terms in Germany currently still many definitions know that excellence (OPX).

Our team sees itself as a business development team, and fortunately can draw on the experience of an OPX Manager, who we have been supporting for more than four years. The content of the training modules emerged from the experience and challenges their commitment. This in turn a reasonable definition can be derived”, explains Martin Singer. Therefore, operational excellence is a business strategy with the goal of having all processes in the company permanently at the highest possible level. Each company defines its own quality standards and goals below. Excellence is operational thus not just a method, but uses the appropriate instruments to achieve the objectives set. Contents of this unique training series are classic project management, quality management systems, continuous improvement process (CIP), measurability of processes, leadership, process management and some interesting ingredients. The participants of the training can claim then that she also learned knowledge in addition to a healthy dose, to be able to organize their interesting profession requirements flexibly and with social skills. Martin Sanger added: initiative, tact, strategic thinking and attention to detail are properties, for our participants quite are useful.”