Organizational Marketing

Absolute reliability is not all in the technical conduct of general meetings. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with PayNet. To read what else matters in the following message. For large corporations, the most important event is once per year at all on the program: the annual general meeting. Here, the Group wants to show its best side and all processes must go absolutely smoothly across the stage. Because as the premier class represents the Organization and the technical execution of congresses, conferences, symposia and HVs also in the field of event technology, the LK-AG is focused on. For the WGZ Bank, for example, operates the Essen company since 2005. At the General meetings ensures LK absolute reliability year after year and for a pleasant framework, in which the shareholders feel comfortable and to identify themselves with the group. The WGZ Bank presents their forward-looking goals always in powerful images on the big screen.

Atmospheric lighting design is also Create atmosphere and emotions are aroused. Also a stage design, which accesses the corporate colors, reflects the CI and supports the respective topic plays an important role in the HVs. An attention-grabbing, Visual representation of speaker picture and charts the is easing the audience information. In combination with an excellent sound system – from the first to the last square – a higher effect of messages is achieved. In the planning and conduct of general meetings of LK AG focuses operating security, data management, and the use of high-quality event technology of course always first and foremost on the topics. Bright projectors, camera suitable for lighting, simultaneous engineering, discussion systems, and Votingsysteme all of this must be professionally installed. But best intelligibility and resiliency in the entire presence is not everything. The annual general meetings of the WGZ Bank show impressively that impressively presented more factual issues on sustainable can be. The technique is here is not only the duty to use, but to deliver a perfect routine that strengthens confidence in the company.