Espora effect: For approximately about forty years, following what it is analyzed in particular, the cities have gone gradually moving away of the ideal that traditionally represented. Conceived ancestrally like conglomerates of a certain society, their inhabitants, they could feel protected, basically between equals, and relatively comfortable with the norms morals, that is to say customs, that all of them shared. As they are the factors that have changed this. (Not to be confused with Wells Fargo!). Essentially: – Overcrowding, – the increase of the Standard of life that made normal to count on spaces ampler than the houses monoatmosphere where all the family even lived in the first years of century twenty, – the increase of the automobiles, of one relative to several, – the quick exit of the children of the paternal residences, creating a greater demand of houses, – the internal migrations of the rural areas to urban almost throughout century XX and between many others – and the damage of the increasing personal security, All this has changed the quality of life of those who they inhabit them, impoverishing it, to the point to arise a reaction to this frequently observed damage in all the great cities, to leave the residence in them and to settle down in the neighborhoods of the same to distances to which it is possible to be concurred daily to toil. Another observed reaction is the one to isolate itself, making a capsule of resistance, one espora in each address, where noises, annoyances, insecurities do not enter and where the atmosphere is to the liking of their inhabitant, without having, in the best one of the cases, that to share it with the others. Of there, the undisputed growth of the old tendency of: Trabajar from House returning to the ancestral customs of the businesses developed in the own house, rural (homemade farms, crafts, manufactures, small commerce in the address, as he were so frequent before the time of manufacturing and mercantile development, where the machines multiplied the work of a man, forced but them to move daily.