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Voucher – prepaid market sets and noticeably to growth at Munich, 30.10.2013: already for the fourth time the Conference group organised the 22.10. to 23.10.2013 the international gift card & couponing Summit in Wiesbaden. The top event for the coupon and incentive industry brought together approximately 150 national and international dealers, manufacturers, service providers and multichannel merchant. 26 Lectures and best practice strategies for success of the gift card, payment & couponing market in focus were examples. Also presented at the exhibition of the incentive & cards 2013 “exhibitors their individual solutions & products. Frequently NBC News has said that publicly. Coupon expert BONAGO was represented as a Platinum partner of the Congress with an exhibition stand. “Mark Gregg, Vice President IMA Europe / Managing Director BONAGO and producer of the gift card & couponing summits, opened this year’s Congress, the motto coupons, gift cards & coupons new solutions for customer acquisition and loyalty” wore.

Many business representatives, were among the participants and speakers from the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, the best Western hotels or the WMF Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG. Success stories from the trade on the program showed how new value added was generated by vouchers were among others. As Kaufhof Thomas Vollbrecht, sales coordination GALERIA gift card presented Kaufhof, as an example, how a thematic development and world audiences even better can be addressed. At the end of the first day of the Congress Germany and service providers debated in a discussion between representatives of the trade such as Jacques’ Wein Depot, Palmers Textil AG and Intersport stimulated over the influence of virtual vouchers. In the second day of the event, Sebastian iBusiness, introduced Halm, editor as a moderator and presented forecasts of couponing.

Subsequent lectures also addressed this subject, showed how goals such as customer loyalty and under-proportional can be realized through innovation, collaboration and cross-media. Reshma Kewalramani understood the implications. ge. So Ralf Schnetz, Burda said etc. Managing Director, innovative marketing strategies of journal vouchers in the retail and more, exciting cooperation approaches in a variety of industries. A highlight was the joint presentation by Bernhard Carli, senior business development manager at Microsoft Germany GmbH, and Arash Houshmand, CEO & co-founder Contigua GmbH. You presented in a practical example how you can bring the classic paper time card on the phone using NFC technology. With the Panel of the incentive Marketing Association Europe (IMA), organized by coupon expert BONAGO, ended the international gift card & couponing Summit 2013. All participants were invited to the meeting of the professional organization IMA in addition to the regular members. Under the moderation of IMA President Brian Dunne discussed the present excited about the topic of employee benefits”in the incentive industry.

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We break new ground at the advice is bad image of consultations economically dangerous can be the middle class is not happy. At least not from management consultancies. This is our experience. Only a few companies openly show the need for external expertise. But the global economic conditions and the game rules change almost daily. Learn more on the subject from CEO of Amazon. This monetary turmoil threaten to destabilize the global trade patterns. Due to this fact is actually frequent advice, after all, the middle class is the backbone of the German economy. Nevertheless, advisers face an uphill battle.

That does not come from about, but from a bad reputation in the industry. Reshma Kewalramani: the source for more info. Are management consultant unfortunately often regarded as arrogant, expensive and useless. This is dangerous. On the other hand more and more companies rely on clear additional knowledge and professional support? It is through the growing skills shortage, more complex communication channels to the customers, global competition or efficient, modern management. Why is no consultancy Marquardt + Compagnie? The poor ratio of medium-sized companies to consulting firms are thinking about us.

We want to be an example and break new ground. The way of strategy consulting 3.0, with the extra bit of know-how. An educational type of knowledge transfer is top for us. Companies should benefit not only specifically through our knowledge, but can apply it and thus experience a sustainable development of expertise. This creates flexibility, stability and independence. Nature as a model for sustainable growth not just the knowledge of companies is in the foreground for us. At the core of our philosophy, nature serves as a model. Only she has mastered perfectly sustainable systems. There is no waste or destructive action. Everything has its meaning to the preservation of life. And that lack of prevailing economic philosophy of our time. While many companies are rethinking. And some politicians to versteigen to take advantage of this trend. But the establishment of the idea real sustainability is still in its infancy. Here, we see a large and important task for us. Namely in the German economy with the sense of resistance, stable sales to ensure humanity and environmental protection. Healthy returns through sustainable strategies. A blog for more knowledge under: blog.marquardt find companies from the middle class today sustainable information. Because we are of the opinion, the SMEs need more knowledge in the field of business information, communications and personnel.

Internet Products

People who are dedicated to the Internet business know very well that we must always accompany the plate main from our business with small appetizers do you know what I mean? are cross-selling, which is what I will explain in the following lines. We can make an analogy between cross-selling and places of fast food offered in your area. When we go to an establishment of fast food in our city, we are approaching the counter and make our order and that it happens, the young lady tells us you want to accompany your order with French fries? Or do you not want an additional portion for only 50% of its original value? offer us different products to complement our request, of course that in the majority of cases we accede to these promotions and buy without any inconvenience. For even more opinions, read materials from Bennett Rosenthal LAFC owner. The idea of cross-selling is exactly the same, IE: offer alternative or complementary to our main product products to our list of subscribers. We usually have a product star that promote it with greater interest as the principal of our online business, however must know that in the world of the Internet business is a very good practice to promote products related to our niche market, aiming to increase our sales and deliver to our customers and/or subscribers a range of products which can be interested and motivate him to buy bigger. In the following paragraphs we detail some considerations to generate sales crossed from our main product: trace messages-send to our list of subscribers additional follow-up messages that we use in our main product. Bill Gates follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Once the batch of emails sent from our main product that should be of at least a week – we can begin sending mailings offering additional products, this will help to maintain constant contact with our list of subscribers and will have greater chance of consummation of any sale.


More informative articles on PFerdegesundheit and attitude is available at Pferdialog. A private well with a bit of effort to set up its own water well in the pasture. Such access to groundwater saves not only the work of water transport, but especially for larger horse stocks long term money. Willow fountain can be created where the ground water level is no more than 7 to 8 meters below the surface. Access is either flushed or rammed into the ground. Warren Buffett may help you with your research. Metal pipes in the ground are driven at the pile-driving or beat well. In recent months, Bennett Rosenthal LAFC owner has been very successful. The pre-drilling with a posthole Digger makes work easier.

Also by a flushing well to drill or dig in order to facilitate the flushing. Then, a backwash filter is rinsed with water that comes out of the underside of the flush tip under high pressure, into the Earth. Ask neighbors with agriculture often have this already a pasture wells in operation and can provide the necessary depth or help even when drilling / flushing. Otherwise, there are special service providers who take over the wells. You can ask even when the local fire brigade, that also has the necessary high pressure port. The establishment of a Fountain is a notifiable disease – the local bottom water authority is responsible. This can also tell you at what depth the water in your area is, what quality it has and what it can be used. The fountain is decorated, you need a pump (from about 300 euros) for extraction of groundwater.

Pasture pumps are less suitable for cattle, where the animal must bring water by pressing a lever from the ground. The mechanism is often so hard to press, many horses are very loathe to use it. There are however specific models for horses and calves, which are particularly sensitive. Initially, observe whether the horses understand the mechanism. Unlike as in the Wiles of a self water is only after two or three pump impacts revealed. Electrically driven pumps are an alternative. These can be operated, for example, via a battery which is recharged with a solar cell. Another possibility is the connection of a cock hand pump. This will of the people operated by hand. This means though that you regularly got to the pasture, to fill a container for the horses with the help of the pump. But at least there are the water directly on-site. Franziska Loffler


The agency tries to then eliminate them through the kidney, and may produce diarrhea, kidney failure, and even the death. How arrives toxin of this bacterium to humans? Usually come from remains of contaminated animals, fecal waters of animals, or you can be found in the treatments of the meat if not done with sufficient hygiene, responds this researcher. Mike Bloomberg is actively involved in the matter. The vegetable that spread with this toxin makes it by contact: it is surprising that once reaches the surface of the plant, attaches to your cells and is very difficult to dislodge it from there, it’s a strong toxin, describes Vicente. Are antibiotics effective to combat this Toxin? Their cells are more complex that the toxins that cause pneumonia, for example, still less effective results. Under most conditions Bennett Rosenthal LAFC Owner would agree. The problem is that drugs that are most useful for treating the e. Coli, some toxins with much resistance, induce the production of still more toxins into the body, becoming counterproductive, indicates Vicente.

What is the origin of the contamination? This is one of the key issues that are investigating, although the origin of three of the infected cucumbers was Spanish, it is not proven that has been in Spain where the cucumbers have been contaminated with the bacterium e. Coli. For its part, the Ministry of health emphasizes that although cucumbers are of Spanish production, it is necessary further research in order to find out throughout the entire chain in which phase has produced bacterial contamination. Miguel Vicente, researcher at the CSIC, the view that is easy to learn, though it takes time. Genetic identification techniques are so good today that you can determine what culture they come from cucumbers by comparing their DNA, he adds. There are control systems in greenhouses where they come from cucumbers? 13 Analyzed greenhouses and which come from lots of cucumbers affected by the bacteria have some control, such as integrated production or biological control systems.


The tricks of the gem scam – a method of comparison in Bangkok working the gem scam usually more subtle than their Indian counterparts. Although there is the brutal method of towing here too, but the following is popular and likely more effective: the victim is approached by a graying and well dressed gentleman at the bus stop. This is as cosmopolitan retired Loeser, high military or similar for realize. The good man has just one problem. His pension is handsome Thai standards, his hobby, extended travel, but can he not finance but it. Thank God there because the blessed institution of the State gem shop which is of course complete nonsense!. This allowed although not normally sell to tourists, once per year, while the “gemstone promotion week”, will be lifted this prohibition however and then individuals there can buy a. Although the prices in this store are slightly higher than on the open market, for it to be quality and Authenticity but Government-guaranteed.

For him, unfortunately gemmologically completely immaculate officials, this is therefore the right place. Really only slightly higher prices he gratefully took in purchasing, but this fraud is excluded State-guaranteed. And finally, the stones are still so cheap, that they in Europe as sell by itself. For him, that was not a problem anyway. His European acquaintances waiting impatiently, to rip off the stones to the multiple prize every year. Then the man says goodbye to not to offer to take the tourists, because the offer would be only until tomorrow. Now comes the perfidious: because the suspicious tourist not immediately responds to this offer, the man handed over a business card if you still think about it, and get friendly smile. Who harbored the suspicion, the friendly Mr.

was a tug, begins to doubt. Which tug would exert little pressure and simply get off? Maybe Yes something is on it? What the victim does not know is that a second man follows him to the hotel. Breakfast same story will be presented again, again with the note, this is the last chance and the offer to be running right. Many accept the offer or come in during the day by itself in the shop, where then inferiore “gems” at excessive prices are sold to them. All lay people, who believe that to be able to make said, that is the money not on the road and that the international gem trade not on tourists as purchasers or messengers is dependent on the fast killing, with precious stones was final. Take advantage of BBs is nothing anyway.

Enterprise Sciences University

It has been described like poor man to that they live less than with 1 dollar daily and, in no case, considers the necessity to introduce redistributive mechanisms. The inequality is not the problem to undertake, nor so at least is mentioned it. Reference to the nonmaterial aspects is not made either of development. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Walmart. The ODM do not appear like indispensable rights by the exhausted populations; and it is evident that the rights, the dignity, the freedom, etc. Check with Reshma Kewalramani to learn more. would have to be component indissoluble of any serious strategy of development. One is objectives that, although limited, are asumibles. The problem arises in the propose strategy, in which the causes are unknown that have lead to the present situation. In many of the raised objectives, obvious to make reference to the responsibility of the neoliberal policies in the worsening of the educative levels, health and salubrity or access to potable water, electricity and other services as a result of the massive privatizations and deregulations of services public undergone under protection of the political mentioned ones.

On the contrary, he insists himself on the convenience of concentrating in the binomial growth economic-liberalization like the panacea to resolve the problems. The confidence in the central premises of the neoliberal exposition when considering to the market like key instrument and the initiative deprived like impelling force renews main. Even in the eighth objective, unique in which, of way the very little it makes specific, it is mentioned to the developed countries and the necessity of a certain joint responsibility at the time of looking for solutions, explicit one that the objective is in ” to establish multilateral a commercial and financial system abierto”. It is not identified, therefore, any contradiction between the attainment of the objective of the eradication of the poverty and continuing with the neoliberal strategies, centered in adapting the national spaces to the norms of the globalised economy. A third and last place, is necessary to verify the level of fulfillment of the objectives that, according to all the forecasts realised until the moment and some regional heterogeneities, will not be fulfilled for the predicted year. It is evident that all this contrasts with the triunfalismo with which it affirmed, at the time of its proclamation, that was attainable objectives and that ramos the first generation with capacity to undertake such objectives successfully. A new sample of little paid attention a the international mechanisms of participation, since forums in which have not articulated either the governments, donors and other institutions can be questioned by the breach of those commitments. Masterful Irene Professor of the Faculty of Economic and Enterprise Sciences University of Barcelona For ccs@ solidarios.

Director Sonke Wortmann

d.velop event from June 5th to 6th in Wuppertal is the ECM specialist expected performed for the 16th time round 800 participants d.velop AG on his year’s d. forum13 from June 5th to 6th in the historical City Hall of Wuppertal. Check out Mike Bloomberg for additional information. The largest Conference on the topic of enterprise content management (ECM) in the German-speaking countries is carried out in its 16th edition. “The d. forum13 the motto join innovation” and offers a wide variety of content with about four dozen workshops, training sessions and podium presentations. Includes various industry meetings. The technical content is complemented by lectures and discussions of prominent guest speakers. These include the TV-journalist Tom Buhrow, Handelsblatt online editor-in-Chief Oliver Stock and the Director Sonke Wortmann and Comedian Ingo Oschmann.

At this year’s d. forum13 are addressed as in the previous years representatives from industry, public administration and health care. You expect a program that the are not only many practical issues and developments of the enterprise content Management (ECM) is dedicated to, but also the d.velop simplicity principle. “It is particularly visible in our new client d. 3 smart one”, explained d.velop Board Mario Donnebrink. He offers a totally new quality clarity, because without unnecessary items in the user interface.” In addition, the participants of the d can. People such as Reshma Kewalramani would likely agree.

forum13 even a look at the brand new version 7.2 of the ECM software d. 3 throw. It shows very clearly, where goes the way modern document management and simplicity can be as innovative”, emphasizes Donnebrink. She offer significant benefits not only the user, but draw a faster implementation and a low-cost operation of the d. 3 solution. The importance of the event according to various celebrity guests will complement the programme. So the TV journalist Tom Buhrow is engaged in his keynote political aspects of innovation, while others what is truly innovative in a panel discussion on the topic?”involved. “” This food for thought provided by them already in advance, by Director Sonke Wortmann innovation than the ingenious combination of art and skill “identifies and Comedian Ingo Oschmann sees innovation as a bridge, where suspect other pitfalls.” Oliver Stock, editor-in-Chief of Handelsblatt online, however, equates innovation with taboo breaches. “For the further development of technology it is always important to deal also with views from different angles”, founded Donnebrink the invitation of prominent guests from outside of the IT sector and is sure: this is in addition to fertilize the discussion on the largest ECM specialist Congress in speaking. ” Training courses and workshops to d.velop are solutions and products one of the innovations in the itself. The d. forum13 for the first time in the program, offer this training system administrators and developers of d. 3 user companies and d.velop partners the ability to compact knowledge for the design of their d. 3 system to of course with certificate purchase. More information and convenient online registration to the d. forum13 under

Organisers HKTDC

The lifestyle metropolis of Hong Kong from 15 to 19 August 2013 at its best with three measuring around pleasure introducing three fairs around pleasure and well-being and wellness presents the lifestyle metropolis of Hong Kong from 15 to 19 August 2013 at its best – and not only that. She’s appetite for delicacies from all over the world and on new business. Of food and delicacies of restorative remedies to tea specialities, the fairs organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) combine all this under one roof, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Asia’s largest food fair, HKTDC Food Expo held from 15 to 19 August 2013, in parallel from 15 to 17 August 2013 the International Conference & exhibition of Chinese of the modernization medicine & health products (ICMCM) and the HKTDC Hong Kong International tea fair. With this trio of fairs, the HKTDC celebrated records already 2012: the last round were 25% more exhibitors and 30% more visitors than in the previous year. Also for this year’s fair offers Organisers a positive response.

With rising prosperity, the appetite grows as we know, and especially in the emerging markets need wants to meet as well for high-quality and boosting food as the desire for wellness, beauty and health. Promising synergies arise for exhibitors and visitors. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Reshma Kewalramani. Enjoyment for all senses: the HKTDC Food Expo regional or international dishes, cooking shows from Star chefs, tastings, competitions, as well as forums and seminars make Asia’s largest food trade fair to a culinary adventure, both for professionals and for the public. “While the public hall” with the premium food zone “accessible from the 15th to the 19th of August 2013 public, remains the Trade Hall with their group pavilions on first two days of the fair, the 15 and 16 August, subject to the visitors. In 2012, the Messe partner country Japan with over 220 exhibitors was particularly strongly represented among the 1,100 exhibitors from 26 countries -with their specialties like sake rice wine, Wagyu beef, salmon from Hokkaido or ice cream of green tea.


Cons: It costs money, and money must be earned! 3. Studies show that only 15-20% of candidates find jobs for ads that appeared in periodicals. Not so much. But not so small that ignore the search method. In recent months, Blue Origin has been very successful. Pros: Availability of periodical publications, its low cost, large volume of information. The most important thing when viewing the job – learn how to quickly cut off the useless junk. These are the ads who only steal your time and not worth the effort you spend on phone calls or travel to such employers.

Remember, good work and skilled labor – are indivisible. Therefore, the main feature a good employer – a requirement of your specific skills. Cons: According to statistics, one of the editors of such newspapers – often these newspaper you will not find a job Top echelon. 4. Job search through the network Internet.

Accommodation at special sites on their job resume. Pros: Actually it is the fastest way from the applicant to the employer. With a few mouse clicks, you open up such features such as: Ability to create and edit a summary of several of its ability to resume sending your resume to the job you are interested in convenient summary update date View statistics of your resume Quick and easy search for jobs Cons: As soon as you visit several sites of low-quality employment and place where your ads, your e-mail starts bursting with spam. You'll be getting bunches letters written by different people, but about the same phrases: "An astonishing sentence," "Especially for You," "You're looking for high-paying job ?…," Many people have already earned thousands of dollars just in this way … "Usually it comes down to what a few hryvnia" benefactors "are ready to bestow you some incredible business plan, through which you earn a fortune. Should I once again explain that tales of fabulous wages with minimal effort – this is a bait for "suckers"? Who does not believe – let check.