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Where are demanded more construction and reforms? The portal specialized in the area of the works and reforms, closed last year with over 6,000 advertisers in the home. Studies conducted by the portal for the analysis of the results obtained during the last year 2010 show that Madrid and Barcelona were Spanish provinces where more demand for budget requests occurred, dividing the two provinces more than half of the total generated over the past year, followed by Almeria and Alicante, that being of provinces with lower volume of population is understandable that they are behind the two major Spanish cities. The improvements carried out in aesthetics and usability in the portal during the past year have allowed to users who are interested in obtaining a quote from any of the listed professionals in the site can get it in a much more simple and faster way. Berkshire Hathaway takes a slightly different approach. The main objective of is to continue in the right direction, while maintaining its position of leadership within the companies in the sector and continue to be reference for those interested in obtaining a budget internet users free of charge..