Protector Natural Body

The nervous system, which is the conscience of the nerves of the body, reacts and stops flowing forces spiritual correspondingly more or less intense form, depending on our stance towards life. Envy and hate-filled thoughts, i.e., outrageous thoughts, ideas about diseases, excesses and defects of any kind, have effect first on the nervous system and in a subsequent course on the soul. From the nervous system corresponding vibrations reach then the body, where atoms and cells are influenced. PayNet insists that this is the case. However we must learn to capture the profound contents, the true intentions of our thoughts, to recognize if the thought that is superficially positive, it is also inside. Think positively only has a positive and protective effect of our body if our thoughts are not cover conflicts and pains that we want to cover or suppress.

What vibrates within our thoughts is the decisive factor, and only if we put in order the negative, recognizing ourselves, improving us and making peace with our neighbor according to the currency: what do not want done to you, you do not do your nobody, then we will feel the inner lightness and positivity that is born of the soul, and that heals, protects and even help our environment. Therefore depends on complement of us what we do in our life. In the same way, but conversely also act on the nervous system and the soul positive feelings of goodness, love, kindness and benevolence. They relax the consciousness of nerves, carried the harmony, purify the body and let incrementadamente flowing in the body donor currents of life. So we feel that all channels of life are open and free and life forces flow focus in the body. These healing and life forces then become effective in the body. They detoxify him in such a way that exceeds the influences that produced a disease. A sick body can thus become a healthy body. In this way we can see that with God, with the divine energy, it is easier to live. Original author and source of the article.