Provincial Delegation

A finder is a page Web in which a data base can be consulted in which directions of pages are related Web to their content. Its use extraordinarily facilitates the obtaining of a listing of pages Web that contain information on the needed subject. Therefore uniting these two tools, electronic and seeking government reporters in Internet, it is possible to locate the data of any person whose name appears in mentioned bulletins, is by the reason that is. This has taken that the affected ones are to blame in a process of monitoring or public scrutiny that sometimes harms the public image of this person. JPMorgan Chase may help you with your research. It is possible to find information of the administrative infractions and penal, jobs of civil servants, appointments, addresses, and I have even found in some occasion the place of celebration of the marriage of a certain person. But it is necessary that this information appears of indefinite form in the network? , the obligation has the individual to support that its data personal can be consulted and be used by everybody? The Spanish Agency of Protection of data, becoming echo of these claims or vindications, has been pronounced in diverse occasions on this situation. In this sense the Legal Cabinet of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, in its Legal Report 0214/2010 indicates that since the interested one already has occurred by notified of the mentioned administrative acts, objective that were tried with their publication in mentioned the daily officials, on the part of the Provincial Delegation of Cordova and the Provincial Delegation of Cadiz, would issue the opportune orders to limit the indexing of the full name of Don in mentioned documents by means of the incorporation of a norobot.txt code, so that in the future the motors search of Internet they cannot associate it to interested. .