Quality Assesment

From the perspective of an ordinary user sites are estimated to be mostly – for external indicators. The most important: the speed of loading web pages, clear and understandable presentation of information on the site, ease of navigation, intuitive interface, the combination of colors, providing good readability, a beautiful design. There are other characteristics of the sites corresponding to the preferences of specific audiences. If you are teenagers – they will suit a bright design and dynamic effects and the ability to communicate in forums and chat rooms. Representatives of the humanities prefer to correct the schedule and , correctly set out the information on site. Web – entrepreneurs interested in promotions and reliability of the information provided.

Network resources, satisfying the above parameters – the most convenient from the standpoint of ordinary visitors Internet. According to statistics, 90% of people less than 10 seconds waiting for the loading of web pages and not more than 5 seconds spent searching for the transition to other parts of the site. If the site is loaded for a long time, has a clumsy design, intrusive pop-up banners that you need to click, something to close the picture – the visitor is likely to withdraw from this site. People do not like to be that either impose not only online but in real life. And if you respect the audience of visitors these estimated site factors can not be ignored. Web – businessmen in contrast, have very different views on the evaluation of network projects.