Ramon Salop

A few years ago two companies of regional transportation from one city to another. They started a price war to grade pay almost lead to the passage. The result was that the two companies went bankrupt and a third person took the opportunity to win them the market, only to put air conditioning on carriers without lowering the price. Positions your product as the best, never as the most cheap, so give value to your products and trusted customer Vision, mission, sentences must be in a place where everyone can look at, these important messages to the company and its customers. You may find that Michelle Snyder can contribute to your knowledge. Don’t forget to have a work plan, where are defined very clearly the goals and the time to achieve them.

These points are the most basic, since every company has its particular characteristics, according to their size and business focus never you neglect your leadership, it is the pillar that holds the company, if you can get people you follow, instead of being them pulling, so a good part of the success have secured Keep all austere and very simple, so you can have more control over the money and the management of the business. Cares for every penny as if they were a treasure, and think twice before buying, focus your time on sales and productivity to get more done in less time, without losing quality. Devotes time to the investigation of something innovative, without losing sight of the simplicity the practical and popular for achieving more acceptance. Become a creator, not a competitor, so inspiraras to another, follow your idea, rather than wear you competing, for customers with the worn phrase of quality and price than at the end is already one constant, importantly differentiate yourself and give an added value to the attention and conquer customer.