Welcome to the third meeting with the category testimonies and experiences. The month of March comes with the experience of Antonia, an experience with the slimming pill – sibutramine. I followed a treatment with sibutramine for 10 months. I started my treatment after the holiday season, in January 2009 and I continued until the beginning of November. This medication I recipe my nutritionist and I had to follow a monthly control of my blood. Some side effects I have had are: constipation, dry mouth, insomnia.

But and many positive effects: sibutramine (such as endorphins) gives a happy feeling and motivation super weight loss: even started to make sport so hated before… Result: loss of 23 kilos without any effort! I always say that sibutramine is my miracle drug. Before this product could be purchased only by prescription, but find a pharmacy on line that sells without prescription at a price of 100 euros for a box of 30 tablets. I had a pause three months, since more than one year should not be taken. I felt good during this time and suddenly in January 2010 pads are removed from the market.

I have disappointed me, probe there, but I have not lost any kilo, instead I’ve had stomach pains. I was afraid to climb the weight again and knew that only sibutramine could help me. Fortunately, I have found your site, quoted by a client in the Forum here #285108206 I found with the same active ingredient sibutramine generic Reductil, produced by Sunrise, this time at a price much lower: 48. 00 euros for 30 pills. It is a very reasonable price. I restarted my treatment after 9 months and 3 months I have lost 9 pounds. I am very pleased with this product.Good luck to all and thanks to all of your equipment by offering products and services of quality. Antonia remind all those who wish to share their experiences on the loss of weight, experiences with pills for erectile dysfunction, we can write to and its history It will be published.