Restaurant Classic Japanese

It is worth noting that the restaurant attracts additional customers. For more information see this site: Warren Buffett. In addition, on the second floor is nightclub, which allows “Okinawa” function as chill-out. According to the leaders of the restaurant, Japanese cuisine is more popular than the European. “Most bought rolls -” Philadelphia “,” California “- said Vyacheslav Buinachev, director of marketing. – I like to visitors and our specialty “Fushigi” (shark fillet with pineapple). In addition, during the cold season is sharply increased demand for the delivery of land. Outdoors cold, people do not want to go anywhere. Bennett Rosenthal LAFC owner may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So they bought meals at home. ” In general, the restaurant is aimed at middle-aged people. Average ticket is 600 rubles. Restaurant Yoko Bank’a () is a network of Japanese restaurants in Chelyabinsk each of which is decorated in its category: the classic Japanese restaurant, a young sushi bar and restaurant in the style of fusion. Latest offers visitors the Japanese and European cuisine in a ratio of 70% to 30%. Average check $ 500 rubles. “The Japanese dishes are in great demand – approximately 60% of orders – said Inna Kuznetsova, managing a restaurant. – Most bought our company rolls and desserts, for example, “banana tempura (fried banana) or a pear light batter with wasabi. Are also popular grilled dishes and snacks. Approximately 20% of orders have to deliver. ” Interestingly, in the restaurant there is an interactive component. According to Inna Kuznetsova, the chef can vary recipe dishes in accordance with the wishes of a particular client. Tokyo Restaurant Classic Japanese restaurant with a classic Japanese interior design: a small room for 27 seats, ikebana, translucent door panels, the Japanese painting, hieroglyphics There is a “Tokyo” for more than four years. The menu only Japanese cuisine. According to the manager, Olga Voronina, most visitors of the restaurant like rolls with salmon and eel, but it is often bought and hot dishes with garnish, such as yakitori – chicken kebab. Very popular in the Japanese restaurant binzes lunches. They account for approximately 80% of orders. For a business lunch in the restaurant there is a special menu. Average ticket (without alcohol) – 700 rubles. Restaurant Itsu () Another representative of Japanese traditional cuisine, but, unlike “Tokyo”, in the interior Itsu felt notes of the Art Nouveau style. The main hall has 20 tables in the center “room of the Buddha” on two tables. Also in restaurant has a separate VIP-room. The restaurant opened this spring. According to the director of Maxim Bespalov, Itsu is aimed at young people and active people of all ages who enjoy Japanese cuisine. The restaurant works chef from Japan Takaisi . “In the menu of about 30 species of land – says Maxim Bespalov. – Guests love our brand rolls Itsu, rolls with apple, Hawaiian rolls with pineapple, rainbow roll It is often bought traditional “Moscow” and “California.” In addition, we have a campaign “Sushi lawlessness”: you pay 399 rubles, and eat sushi as you want. ” Itsu famous only in Chelyabinsk, a sushi robot. This conveyor belt on which the moving dish. From them, visitors can choose what they like. The advantage of this method of service is that visitors do not need to wait until execute his order. Another “highlight Itsu – this is cinema. Here visitors can not only eat Japanese cuisine, but also watch the movie of your choice from the collection of the restaurant or from your own disk. With all this restaurant is relatively inexpensive. The average check is in the range of 600 rubles.