RFID Tracking Applications


The word traceability does not exist in some languages, the term is appropriate: monitoring of the product or you can also use the term “tracking device. It has application in various industries and areas have been promoted the concept of traceability, particularly in countries with further development in that specific regulations have been published.
Traceability is implemented for business-related improvements to justify their presence: more efficient production processes, lower costs fail, better service to customers. In this area include sectors such as automotive, aerospace, distribution logistics, consumer electronics, etc..,
This practice is feasible certification, for example in the quality management systems, environmental management and control systems known as chain of custody.
A new application is in the construction industry. Currently, construction companies and end users, require a good tracking of its products for use in the work. In which case, tracing starts when the product reaches the work, certificates of quality, buying and referral data provider, as then, there are laboratory tests, dates of shipment, enabled, and graphics pouring behavior.
For example, in a structural element as a concrete column, the trace elements would be the steel and concrete basically. For steel, identifies quality certificates, number of tied, runners, weight, number of pieces of evidence destruction and dates enabled. For the concrete would need to record: Supplier, Strength f’c, garantia age, size of aggregates, Tempering, cement type, dose and additional additives, if any used. Once registered these data usually are obtained from the cross-reference the supplier of concrete, there are specific tests and graphs of behavior for this element in particular. Where they exist, are included in the history, laboratory studies are more specific, concrete nucleos extraction, MRI scan and to check the actual composition and physical state of the element.
Under this scheme, we can create history for: Terracerias, civil works, steel structure, lamination, finishing and making up a building.
In this way, the purpose and outcome of traceability would be necessary if structural elements fail. Why malfunctioning, What were the materials’ Do dates in which it was built ‘ Who were the suppliers’ responses are to be found in a proper and detailed for each of the elements compose a building.

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