Robot Holocaust: A Depreciation

In the canon of post-apocalypse movies, Few turds float as high and proud as this personal favorite, 1986’s Robot Holocaust . I first Became aware of this Truly independent piece of cinema courtesy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 . Though the show Had not really Come Into Its Own (it Was a season first entry), for the fodder of Such Was Their barbs high / low caliber I Sought out an un-Mysti version.A slave revolt is outsourced to nomadic bland hero, Neo (years Before The Matrix) and ad hoc historical unmerry band of misfits, Including His robot sidekick, Torque, a bleating “homage” to C-3PO. There’s Also a man-hating Amazon, to mute barbarian and Deeje, the busty daughter of the slave rebellion’s current leader, Jorn.The “ruins” consist of collapsed rusty structures Mainly Along the Hudson River and the ubiquitous (at least in PA cheapjack movies) Remains of the smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island . Some of the wasteland sequence verdant Also Takes place in Central Park. They must-have shot this movie Entire Without Permits.