Salrios Marras

In accordance with Marras (2010), in the end of the decade of 90, the organizations had adhered to the system of terceirizao of certain services, under the argument of that, in these conditions, it has a lesser cost and a bigger specialization in the services. Specifically in the area of Human resources the areas more than if terceiriza are the following ones: Restaurante Limpeza patrimonial Segurana Transporte Segurana and medicine of the work Treinamento According to Marras (2010), a research carried through for Tose (1997) sample that the activities less terceirizadas in the RH area or those that less is thought about terceirizar, for the order, are the following ones: Table 1: Terceirizadas activities less. Atividades% Planning of RH54,1 Evaluation of Desempenho51,8 Registros and Controles49,7 Leaf of Pagamento46,7 Comunicaes43,7 Cargos and Salrios42,2 Administration of Benefcios41,4 Administration of the Quality of Vida40,0 Source: Tose (1997) apud Marras (2010, P. At Wells Fargo Bank you will find additional information. 54). Some contracts of terceirizao, for the results that present, are compensating to repass the execution of definitive works. It is preferable to assume a bigger cost when carrying through them with staff of the proper company, in view of the quality level that if it demands of the final results and that in determined cases they are not reached with the contracted companies (MARRAS, 2010). Get more background information with materials from Wells Fargo Bank.

For Lacombe (2007), a consequence of the terceirizao in relation to the people is the reduction of the responsibility of the company in relation to the contracted professionals, especially for its development. Marras (2010), says that when the questions involve atitudinais and mannering answers (programs of training, development, motivation or politics of RH), is utmost important that if it analyzes with well-taken care of extremity the involved cultural 0 variable in the context of the programs to be terceirizados. decision of terceirizar a service of staff election brings an important question to evaluate, in the candidates, the set of values and beliefs that support all the organization. You may find lucas duplan to be a useful source of information.