Seo SEO Estragias

Conventional SEO strategy is as follows: Keyword Research Optimize the site for those keywords Link internal pages using keyword laden terms Get links from other sites with keywords in the link these days, this strategy is not working as well as usual. If a site is really interesting and it is worth noting in, can be difficult to get links, care and classification. These are essentially problems of marketing. By basing our strategy on fundamental principles of SEO marketing, have a better chance to dominate the ranking, no matter what place we choose destination. Audience This document is intended for those who know the basics of SEO, but is new marketing concepts and theory. If you’re new to SEO, there are helpful tips throughout the document, and links to further instruction Principles that form the foundation of this strategy 1.

Market Analysis 2. Review of competition in March. Positioning 4. SEO 5. Analysis of Market Economy In the past, marketing was a last minute announcement about. A company removed a product, then the wall was given to marketing, whose job was to get the product to market. Marketing to image colors in the painting, commissioned a jingle, and bought millions of dollars in media time.

These days, marketing is more integrated. A product or service is designed with a clear audience in mind, although many SEOs may disagree, especially when asked to pin on a site consisting entirely of Flash animation! The Internet gives us the opportunity to design with a clear audience in mind, but with much less risk that companies in brick-n-mortar. We can see if there is a market, and what the market demands of this market test, and then build a site to serve that market. We can do this quickly and at a great price, using the power of search marketing. Find clearance and Consumer Demand As a SEO, marketing is part art, part science. Even if you cover the technical aspects of SEO, there is no guarantee that it will be a good position. Similarly, if you follow a marketing strategy, there is no guarantee of making money. The trick is to find a place in the market that has two key areas: space and consumer demand. How to find these places on the market? Let’s start with a basic marketing analysis. Perform Market Analysis Ask yourself three questions: What do you need the consumer? How many consumers need this product / service? What is the process? You must fill a real need in the market. Is there a demand? It’s no good trying to sell something, be a good, service or opinion, if there is demand for it. For example, do you know why most blogs do not read it because there is a demand very constrained by the opinions of unknown writers. Demand a very thin layer over the opinion / news space, and the offer is almost endless. How to know if there is a demand for your idea? The SEO is a valuable tool available to determine the demand. Keyword research is the mining of databases previously searched for terms of keywords to see if there are existing traffic flows (demand) that can exploit. Any search volume keywords the lawsuit. In general, the higher the search volume, the greater the demand, although there are pitfalls, which we’ll get to shortly.