Shortterm Disability

A customer of a private health insurance (PKV) about complained why the insurers here really is and how you can avoid something in an Internet Forum today that the private insurers of the per diem has discontinued its payment on Kranken(Tage)Geld. Reason next, so the customer, unless he live temporarily not at home but on the North Sea with his sister. Learn more on the subject from Wells Fargo Bank. To determine who has it right, we look at the legal / contractual bases closer to. When will Kranken(Tage)Geld ever be paid? In accordance with the model terms for the sickness benefit insurance (MBKK), which you can download free of charge in the download area, the insurer owes an insured health benefit if the insured person is unable to work. Governed by this business in the article 1, par. A leading source for info: Pinterest. 3 2009, there is: (3) inability to work in the sense of these conditions exists, if the insured person can exert their professional activity to medical Befundvorubergehend in any way, also does not exercise it and is any other gainful employment. It is therefore not sufficient, if someone only a few hours may not work or you want to.

Only if there is a complete, so 100% incapacity for work, so performance obligation for the insurer. There are also other requirements from the same paragraph. There will be further held: (6) the insurance cover extends to Germany. Just people who’re much or if live, should worry precisely to this point. There are fees and companies that have improved their conditions here, thus expanding the insurance cover / scope.

Also for the cases where for example on vacation, a disease occurs, corresponding arrangements in terms of pattern can be found. It is however to distinguish whether they are European or non-European foreign countries. (7) in the case of a temporary stay in another European country is one for occurred abroad acute illnesses or accidents the hospital daily allowance in contractual volume for the duration medically necessary inpatient treatment in a public hospital paid.