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Advice from professional experts is the demand by small and medium-sized enterprises. Advice from professional experts is the demand by small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time increasing the degree of professionalisation consulting providers and their number is growing. An empirical study concluded with these core results, where the Association joined the SME consultant – freelance consultant e.V. the SME advisers discussed the market situation, the prospects and strategies. Professor Reinhold Schulte of the Leuphana University Luneburg makes it clear that this dynamic market development leads to new challenges for consultants in his scientific commentary. “The expert for start-ups and for business development is also, that offering advice on increasing ageing” meets on the demand side, so the founders and the small and medium-sized enterprises. Schulte also highlights a proper advice on SMEs requires a consulting expertise, “the not infrequently even varied and” far-reaching be required is likely as that for advising large companies”.

For the further development of the consulting market, he expects that can qualified, specialized, network – and training-active consultants continue to distinguish and set off by the competition. “The empirical study indicates that the Association’s members joined the SME consultant – freelance consultant e.V.” have adjusted to these challenges. You are for: experienced professional knowledge and regular training specialization on topics and target groups in partnership with colleagues high proportion of regular customer target groups adequate pricing needs additional services/services benefit for the advised companies / promoters who are evaluating SME advisers the benefits of her Association up and appreciate it as a platform for the exchange of experience, to the deepening of the knowledge, to the networks and to reflect. The detailed results of the investigation available as a download on the website of the Association to the Available:. “More information: Mathias Mundt, Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of the SME advisers Association free consultant e. V.” Tel: (0211) 3015633, E-mail: background information: the Association of SME advisors is a nationally organized Association of free consultants with proven professional qualifications and outstanding technical as social competence. 130 members specialize in the pragmatic advice and support small and medium-sized companies in the industries and crafts, trade, industry and services. Innovative and practical the Association provides the assurance of independent and qualified advice.

Synergy effects, which arise from the close collaboration, as well as future-oriented initiatives such as E.g. the own SME Academy, the SME consultant pool-MinD experts expert group to industry-specific topics, etc., use consultants as their customers alike in the consistent and sustainable implementation of consultancy in success.