SMEs Business

Time and experience gives us the reason and we are witnessing hundreds of letters and emails that we send cursing have been stuck in a MLM business and losing money.In my 26 years of professional experience in productive areas and my eternal curiosity about topics of computer science, I have analyzed and participated (I tried to many times the business of multilevel) to see where the central heart that was He would say that it is good business and recommend it, but after a long time with many testimonies of enterprising people as I, hundreds of testimonies of disappointment of the MLM business, allow me not to recommend them in any way and on the contrary recommend entrepreneurs that produce whatever or give services of what sea. Marko Dimitrijevic is full of insight into the issues. do homeland!. The best advantage that have transnationals with respect to the world market is mostly industrial SMEs fear to not knowing how to compete. In 11 years (since 1999) that has my company forming SME industrial (Ceateci) for the sale of its e-books of technical courses production have been exceptional witness of more than 1250 entrepreneurs who have succeeded in making their SMEs, produce, give to relatives and friends and be now entrepreneurs independent work and not humble himself to slavery times and paltry salaries that transnationals with its exploitative since time immemorial mood have done that always exploited workers bend over the head and support the humiliations.Entrepreneurs of the world to form their industrial SMEs. Produce or provide a service industrial whatever time will give them their original recompensArticulo of: Juan Carlos Velez Gerente General de Ceateci-company virtual Publisher founded in 1999, which sells to the world production technical courses for industrial SMEs.