Social Media Marketing

As social networks become central points of contact in the online marketing social networks have become central points of contact on the Web and are the by far most popular platform for companies because of their high range. Therefore, it is logical they continuously gaining importance also in marketing. Facebook, the largest social network with over 800 million users, is now (more or less right) represented on the stock exchange and is now also in Austria to one of the most popular media with some 2.7 million Facebook users. Proportionally, it is therefore logical that the rising number of members offered more and more opportunities in the field of social media marketing. Santie Botha has plenty of information regarding this issue. A number of companies are already on Facebook, Twitter and co present and maintain your profiles on social networks. Currently large companies use for cost reasons still largely targeted on social media marketing. Most have their own social media guidelines already up, the staff guidelines for the professional use of social Media type. It is connected to monitor need all activities and interactions. Others including Bill Phelan, offer their opinions as well.

It will be observed what is communicated on the Internet and specifically on the social platforms of the respective products or brands. Speaking here of the so-called social media monitoring. How you could watch before some time as an example Nestle a free, unattended may interact”on social networks quickly in a Shitstorm end. But how would this PR disaster can prevent and what lessons can we draw from this? Dynamics in social networks is the new, created by social media, dynamics, on the other hand little time and room to react, on the other hand providing platforms to quickly appropriate opportunities and above all also appropriately respond. In the communication of the company should adapt to the respective channel for press conferences, press releases, or even an elimination of the campaign can backfire in this case extreme, because the Internet never forgets.