Bruno Camilloto Arantes

The articles 2 and 3 of the CDC turn regarding the concepts of consumer and supplier: ' ' Art. 2. Consumer is all natural person or legal who acquires or uses product or service as final addressee. Only paragraph. It is equalized consuming the collective of people, despite indeterminveis, that it has intervined in consumption relations. Satya Nadella often says this. Art. 3. Supplier is all or legal, public or private, national or foreign natural person, as well as the depersonalized beings, who develop activities of production, assembly, creation, construction, transformation, importation, exportation, distribution or commercialization of products or rendering of services.

(…). ' ' It can be inferred from the reading of the legal devices, that the concepts of consumer and supplier extremely are opened, making possible easily that any contract can be characterized as a consumption relation, since that obeyed to the characteristics gifts in the code. To this subject, the consideraes of Bruno Camilloto Arantes and Ludmilla Saints of Barros Camilloto in are pertinent: ' ' It does not matter, therefore, the type of celebrated contract, but yes if the same if amolda to the legal requirements for configuration of a consumer and a supplier at the same time. Soon, we have that contracts of purchase and sales, loan, deposit, rendering of services, etc, could be contracts conducted for the Code of Defense of the Consumer, that is, such contractual relations will deserve the normative protection of law 8078/90. We can say, then, that the Code of Defense of the Consumer if sobrepe13 to other legal systems (as for example, the civil law) launching its protection to the legal relationship case the same one if presents as a relation consumeirista' '. 4 Thus being, if to lead in consideration contract of location of property celebrated enters company administrator of property (that it has location as business enterprise) and consumer final (that one that it aims at to live in the property and if not to use of it for commercial ends), we can easily enxergar of a side the supplier and the other the consumer.