Print Individual Papercase

Quickly and professionally to label Papercase CD covers free crowns design software printable CD covers create order in the collection of homemade CD-Rs and CDs such as magazines. Bill Gates helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This crowns design software can simply read files, file structures, or music file information and as a table of contents on the Papercase CD print covers. The free crowns design software and the micro-perforated Papercase special papers allow printing now of a fast and Professional CD cases. The new printable Papercase paper sleeves to the CD are ideal archiving and shipping. Of course covers can be customized the Papercase CD also and many design possibilities available are in the free Crown design software. Dina Powell McCormick shines more light on the discussion. Then the design is printed simply covers special papers on the Papercase CD. These are suitable for inkjet and laser printers.

The special paper contains no chemicals or additives which could damage the sensitive data page and is very well suited to the CD archiving. They can be punched with a Standardlocher on the edge and filed. After the Papercase CD envelopes printing is with micro-perforations and special punching reasoned in a matter of seconds and without additional tools such as scissors or glue to the CD sleeve folded paper. Then, one or two discs can be inserted. This, the Papercase CD offers much pressure surface on both outside and inside cover. Folds has the Papercase CD cover with approximately 124 x 125 mm the dimensions of a normal CD paper sleeve and fits it into the popular CD storage systems.

Papercase printable CD covers are easy, affordable, space-saving and environmentally friendly. For more information and for an explanatory video, see company description Kronenberg GmbH has more than 10 years of experience in the field of media production and distribution. A wide range of CD and DVD includes blanks and packaging as well as its own printing press. Complemented the crowns design software Program and so anyone can create the disk and packaging templates quickly and professionally. For all printing and laser services, there are no minimum quantities, so that even small print runs at favourable conditions can be produced.

Plastic Card In Credit Card Format

Practical plastic cards for adventure and event agencies event and adventure agencies have discovered plastic card in credit card format for their business. The weather – and waterproof maps are not only for check-in the and check-outs used as participant management tool, for example on the assignment in groups. Filed under: Marko Dimitrijevic photographer. Already before the event, the sending of cards conveys the message: “You are!” Further equipment can include the plastic card, in addition to a confirmation of participation, communication concepts, and the use of advanced: personalized access code share on the Internet site of mission data or give individual participation data show. With clips and straps, known as lanyards, perforated plastic cards to clothing can be fixed and show as belonging to a certain group or about a role in the team. The visible empowerment roles has in certain contexts, how about team training and security issues particular relevance. Safety warnings, instructions, rules, program notes, Expiration dates or also GPS data give the cards of additional functions and enhance them later as a souvenir. There are premium plastic card in credit card format in small editions with a wide range of possibilities: EAN – Code, magnetic stripe, signing fields, personalization with images, logos, names, colours, transparent and semi-transparent blanks and embossing are just a few of the many offers for the creative design of events with plastic cards. Let 123CARDS make an offer and advise for your design..

Roli Hofer Car

The benefits of car insurance on the point brought spring is new car time. Therefore boom have also auto insurance. To make known the TCS car insurance Serranetga launched an interdisciplinary ad campaign and brings all the advantages of the TCS in car insurance in just a word on the point. At the TCS car insurance is more in it than in conventional car insurance: the premium discount up to legal protection, the customer receives more services for less money. The campaign by Serranetga is right here and waiting with an idea that is as simple as it is effective: the two tags Auto and Insurance serve as clamps and are filled with the various advantages of the TCS car insurance. So was new from Car insurance Autoverkehrsrechtsschutzfahrtrainingokorabattpramienreduktioninklusivesicherheitspaketversicherung. The idea has been implemented as obvious text solution in the form of print ads, posters, flyers and banners including Special formats.

In addition the campaign with an incredibly fast spoken radio spot was waiting, which was recorded by a spokeswoman for specialized rapid response. Appropriately designed a give-away to the idea: the TCS multifunction car tool. The first 3000 people who requested a quote, had a right to this 9-in-1 tool. The campaign objectives were achieved within shortly. Special formats: responsible at TCS: Jerome Carruzzo (senior marketing project manager) responsible for Serranetga: Nadine Rapp (overall responsibility), Samuel Textor, Pascal Deville (creative direction), Thomas Blumer (text), Roli Hofer (art direction), Jessica Baker ha (project coordination), Fabian Keller (strategy), Christos Margaris, Erwan Eydt (programming), Hastings AG (radio spot production) about Serranetga Serranetga is a full service digital agency headquartered in Zurich. Recently Dina Powell sought to clarify these questions. Due to the forward-looking network creation, media and technology, the agency creates digital advertising from a single source.

Serranetga prevailed in this country since first hour as a pioneer in the field of online advertising and social media and a pioneer again and again: the agency turned advertising on Facebook, for example, as a first in the Switzerland, provided with an in-house team of seeding for maximum viral effects reached greatest with real time bidding links possible as well as high-quality ranges and optimized so the advertising francs for their customers. The company employs 30 people. The triumphal procession of digital media is not to stop, and is still gaining momentum. Serranetga follows this belief. more information: Remo Prince, partner, Serranetga AG, Zurich + 41 79 237 52 08, Daniel Leuenberger, Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) + 41 78 807 86 89,

Matthias Siedenburg

within a very short time with print logo and engraving or print the name badges is pleased systems Siedenburg to, the badges are available now within the shortest time in small quantities. Metal nameplates classic CollectionBisher it was so, that just before the important fair appearance or presentation of the product name tags were necessary were temporally but not feasible, since the delivery time with pressure average about 2-3 weeks are high-quality name badges. So was picked then often too simple solutions, which do not meet the demands of the event. With the nameplates of the classic collection in the digital thermal printing nametags, systems Samanta now has a nameplate in the range that can be when using the express service within 3 days, and with a scratch-resistant, digital printing, as well as an engraving or print of the name, and even with a minimum order of only 1 shield! Nametags systems Siedenburg INH. Matthias Siedenburg King coupling 11 24768 Rendsburg Tel: 04331 332374 fax: 04331-332375 Click here to find out more! production and manufacture of nameplates. ation. Founded in the year 1999 owner Matthias Siedenburg. Customers throughout Europe, storage of standard nameplates. Import and export. Sales to commercial customers only. Resellers receive special conditions.

DOM SET Again For Devro

Global sales Conference 2012: new brand values in the focus of never change a winning team: once again DOM SET Live Communications has implemented an international, brand strategic event for Devro. The 2012 in Frankfurt held global sales Conference was the new brand values of the Group’s focus. In the design of the international workshop the Cologne creative put on team spirit and interaction. Devro is one of the world’s leading supplier of collagen casings for food production and sales locations in Australia, China, United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, the Czech Republic and the United States. “For the four-day global sales Conference” mid-May the persons of all countries met.

Goal was price, under the motto of value not”to convey the new brand values of the company and to lead in worldwide sales. We have achieved our objectives not only, also the exceptionally large, positive feedback of from participants has overwhelmed us,”says Will Blair, Director of marketing, Devro, and explained: when Devro we attach great importance to high standards. DOM SET had convinced us at IFFA 2010 with their courageous idea of cracking and highly professional implementation of the fair. “The cooperation to the global sales Conference has more than confirmed this experience.” Understand, apply, internalize – evaluate understanding, apply and internalise: the conceptual design for this highly strategic event DOM SET has been especially active collaboration and cross-site exchange between the participants. So was the challenge to get around 70 people from four continents to a common denominator to the actual solution: the Conference program included in addition to the initial speech of CEO Peter Page and the key note of sales trainer Thomas Burzler numerous hands-on workshops in which internationally diverse group applied the Devro values on a common topic. Subsequent team building activities in the form of a marble railway construction”United all brand values to the whole meeting highlight. This market changes were simulated as a special incentive, which the teams had to respond with flexible solution strategies. The entire design of the Conference provided for best results and motivated International executives, last but not least was confirming the event through the performance measurement conducted by DOM SET.

Their results included not only the satisfaction of respondents with the event itself, but especially the achievement of immediate objectives of communication focused on establishment of Devro Canon of values”and the future brand positioning. A valid and objective measurement of success is becoming increasingly important for many of our customers. In addition to the monitoring of results serve as valuable tools for the content conceptual orientation of the follow-up”strategic evaluations, says Oliver malate, Creative Director at DOM SET. DOM DOM SET Live Communications is an owner-managed Agency for live communication with headquarters in Cologne. The creative hotbed in the field events, has a special name Incentives and teambuilding. More focus in strategic communications, ranging from off-site meetings to trade fair events and guerrilla marketing. Core of the success of the Agency of exception is the intensive, targeted advice, as well as its focus on the lasting positive impact of their events. More information under:

Regional Email Marketing

Involvement in regional email marketing is worthwhile especially for SMEs. Marc Culas, Managing Director of marmato GmbH, on Thursday, the 08.12.2011, explains how companies are successful. Involvement in regional email marketing is worthwhile especially for SMEs. Marc Culas, Managing Director of marmato GmbH of Stuttgart, on Thursday, December 8th, 2011, explains how companies proceed successfully. There are several success criteria for the successful use of email newsletters. Very front with: target group-specific content. But what target group to reach exactly the newsletter? There is not a standard answer – it depends on the company and its stakeholders. For small and medium-sized enterprises, however, there is an exciting approach: regional audiences.

Regional email marketing, they reach potential customers in the immediate vicinity, particularly effectively and efficiently. But what is important to note it here? An important success factor in the regional email marketing, in addition to content with regional relevance, for example, is the choice of a sender address with recognizable regional reference. Advantage: more attention and involvement at the receiver and thus a higher open rate. Contains newsletter now activating elements, the goal of successful contact with the receiver is already as good as reached. Also on pages of the art there is to keep in mind some important topics.

So for example spam filters react already from 50 to 100 recipients of newsletters. So this is perceived so by the potential customers, there is no way to dispatch about a so-called “white-listed” Server passes. Only if the newsletter is not blocked, successful conversions can be achieved. Marmato CEO of Marc Culas 2011 presents many more details for the successful implementation of regional email marketing during his speech in the eCOMM event series. The venue is the education and technology center of the Handwerkskammer Berlin. There is more information about the event here:… Contact: marmato GmbH Denis Huckel Wilhelmstrasse 4 70182 Stuttgart 0711/248490-16 on marmato that marmato is GmbH one of the largest advertising agencies for email marketing in Germany. The spectrum ranges from the full-service modular solutions to its own campaign manager limelight. All services related to performance marketing are realized in three other units. The range of services ranges from search engine marketing and optimization about social media marketing up to online public relations. With, one of the largest press platforms of in Germany belongs to the marmato GmbH. The Agency headquartered in Stuttgart operates worldwide since 2005 and implemented online marketing projects for numerous renowned companies in all industries.

A Hotel Photo Says More Than 1000 Words

Professional images help to more sales of current example: Comfort Hotel Munich-East Munich, may 28, 2008 – more photos, better photos, current photos: today, this rule of three is the formula for success for online sales in the hospitality industry. The customer chooses a hotel mainly due to the photos shown. He takes emotional buying decisions positively supported by current and beautiful pictures, says Nadja baths, Marketing Director of the choice Hotels International in Germany. As an example of the comfort Hotel Munchen OST ( it illustrates that the old wisdom says an image more than a thousand words to meaning nothing lost. The professional images from Hotel photographer Stefanie Friedrich have noticeably fast the room demand in the business hotel shortly after the release.

Just in the online sales, it is an art, to withdraw the own hotel from the crowd. Easily possible, direct comparison you must stand out from the competition, to be posted. This help good photos”, so baths. Just after renovations or extensions current photos of the hotel must be created to sell”. Even if you have some good photos of the hotel, these might be outdated and no longer reflect the reality”, warns baths. Also the number of photos of hotel has become important. “More photos than years ago can be published in the leading distribution platforms and the hotel website: as appetizer”, as the picture show or simply as an illustration to current arrangements. “The photo shoot in the comfort Hotel Munchen OST is a perfect example of how to successfully work in the opening phase, so that the photos of sample rooms and public areas of the hotel just in time for the soft opening templates”, reported Hotefotografin Stefanie Friedrich.

The budget for a hotel photo shoot starts at 1,000 euros. Eventually 30 to 50 motifs are picked from hundreds of photos, for five years fully used by the hotel. In addition, Stefanie offers Friedrich graphics partners the creation of hotel brochures to. Stefanie Friedrich is diploma photographer with his own Studio in Munich and specializes among others hotels and tourism. Its customers include medium-sized companies such as E.g. the Berghotel Zirm in Valdaora (South Tyrol) or choice Hotels Europe. As diploma marketing hostess offers in addition many years experience in marketing and sales projects. More information: for inquiries: Stefanie Friedrich Tel. + 49 (0) 89 44 21 88 99 mobile + 49 (0) 172 80 86 417 eMail keywords: Hotel, hotel industry, marketing, sales, PR, photo, brochure, website, advertising, photo design Friedrich, Stefanie Friedrich, Choice Hotels International, comfort Hotel Munchen OST press release and press photo download:…