Affiliate Marketing Charges

When we see a website that invites us to participate in its Affiliate Program, it is because you want to recommend your product and then give us the opportunity to generate additional income without having to perform all tasks that involve actual sales. But before joining a program of this nature should read carefully the terms and conditions setting, and point of commissions and offering payment method used, because each program has its peculiarities. How much are the commissions paid by these programs? There is no standard for commissions that affiliates can receive through these programs, I know companies that pay up to 70% of the sale price of your product, while others give just a 3 to 5%. Jeff Weiser usually is spot on. In particular, the percentage for me is not as important as that is a product with real sales potential. There is no point promoting a product that we would receive a commission exaggerated if the product does not work, our reputation or credibility would be in between, or not demand, in this case we would be wasting our time and perhaps leaving to attend other more profitable opportunities. In my personal case, I prefer to earn 5% from two or three sales a day, that 50% of a product is sold once a year; clear that this can be very relative, starting with the product’s value to be to promote, not the same 5% gain from the sale of Michael Jackson’s latest album, that 5% of the sale of a beach house right? Maybe it’s a matter of approach and be a personal decision to choose what type of affiliate programs to participate and how you will..