Snowboard Helmets

Increased demand to helmets to 500prozent if not now, when then? Wonder so many skiers and snowboard at the moment like never before. Sales of ski and Snowboard Helmets has risen by 500% and the helmets are slowly running out. After the tragic accident between the Minister President Althaus and a skier, the demand for ski and Snowboard Helmets is as large as never before. The trade has responded to the huge boom in demand and manufacturers emptied the camps. Steffen o source of the ski and snowboard online shop white: “helmets just in the next few weeks and sold out most likely before the end of this season will be.

So demand, the manufacturers were not set. Three major helmet manufacturers are already sold out. Also we have increased our shopping at helmets to 500% compared to the previous year. Should some time stop the demand, then our stock is likely long approx. 2 weeks. The bestselling exist in common sizes in only a few numbers right now.” The fatal accident has Obviously for a rethink at ski and snowboarders. What is the trend in the United States and Canada for years, has now finally made it to the European ski areas. “About 3 years ago it was almost exclusively the professionals to decide to wear a helmet.

At that time, that a helmet only in Park and pipe was believed necessary. Today, a helmet as well as back and seat protector is part of a stylish outfit! Today, there are helmets in all colors and shapes them with the outfit to combine. There are helmets with shield, ear pads and headphones”upper source. The principle by which a helmet protects against serious injury is similar to a nut shell here. Light vibrations or shocks are absorbed by the helmet. A heavy impact or collision, the helmet on a so-called breaking point breaks to cushion the severe blow, and to protect the head. This will break the shell of the helmet in a similar way as safety glass to distribute the impact force. The helmet must be replaced after such a fall. There are so-called “in-mold” Constructions, where a foam is foam evenly between two layers of plastic “One shell” constructions where the hard foam from a Kunstoffschicht covered is distinguished.