Eye Care – Wrinkle Treatment For The Eyes

The care of eyes eyes and lips are the most expressive and at the same time the most sensitive parts of the face. The radiant smile with gleaming eyes will not quite succeed in good spirits if the lips are rough and dry, or light shadow under the eyes have crept. The skin around the eyes is very thin, which means that it requires very special skin care. Since the subcutaneous fatty tissue is missing, should come here in a bit more attention from the outside to protect the skin. Like every thing in life, unfortunately the laughter has two sides.

People with vivid facial expressions have Crow’s feet or smoothes faster. But you shouldn’t is now really don’t spoil the fun of the joyous rays. If creams, make-up or make-up off. No matter what you do, the eye area should be treated always more than gently, without pressure and without tugging. In the morning after showering, do now an eye cream best wrinkle treatment. This may be a special eye cream but also an ordinary, Moisturizing anti aging cream is recommended. Applied is below the eye from the outside inwards, and over the eye lid always from the inside to the outside.

When dark shows you should treat these gel or an eye cream that is provided with a special eye. In the evening, the makeup must be removed always carefully. With the special eye of make-up is the fastest. Cheap and good also cacao available butter or eye makeup remover, gel or lotion. Then you should apply an eye cream or at the same time nourishing and smoothing oil, such as jojoba, avocado or almond oil. Not to recommend the make-up removal are alcohol or mineral-fatty Abschminkmittel. Contact lens wearers should always take out the lenses before removing make-up, so that they are not smeared. Are the eyes in the morning verquollen, contrast showers and light brush massages bring the accumulated lymphatic fluid in movement. Please do not rub tired eyes, but rather wink. Each six times, then close your eyes, and blink again. This should provide relief. Eye shadows and eye bags are often a sign of ill health. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a doctor. Here a refreshing home remedies: A soaked with cold water or cold Chamomile tea and wrung out cloth for 10 minutes to your eyes. Also black tea, fennel and lime tea, or an infusion of Rosemary leaves are suitable for eye compresses. Each about 2 teaspoons on one-quarter litre water type, 20 minutes to soak off seven and cool down. The delicate skin around the eyes, always with an eye cream should be protected in the cold, snow and wind.

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Sun sensitive self-tanning gives natural Tan Sun from the tube is thus the healthier alternative. No wonder that the Sun sensitive self-tanning of lavera natural cosmetics is becoming increasingly popular and as product in numerous consumer tests (E.g. NDR business, January 27, 2009) as one of the test winners will be highlighted. What is so special about the Sun sensitive self-Tanner? Particularly striking, self-tanning sensitive to the Sun is its pleasant aroma, based on essential oils. Probably one more reason for his success. Kimberly Kahnhauser Freeman wanted to know more. Two sugar-based active ingredients give natural and uniform Tan: erythrulose and the DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), extracted from the rapeseed oil. Both compounds react with the amino acids in the top layer of the skin. The natural tint is after about 4-5 hours.

The process can last up to 24 hours depending on the skin type. The Tan lasts about 3-7 days. Ben Silbermann often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The lavera self Tan hydrates Moreover, among others with skin-soothing organic Aloe Vera extracts, vegetable Glycerin, organic Jojoba oil, as well as Organic rose petals and bio Lavendelblutenhydrolate. Intensive care and skin protection give triglycerides, organic soy and organic sunflower oil. Green tea extracts, also organic, act in concert with vitamin C as a free radical scavenger.

Special quality of self-tanning was awarded by the independent test magazine in February 2008 only certified product by oKO-TEST \”very good\” and contained no formaldehyde or its derivatives. The gentle manufacturing process is responsible for this – the tanning ingredients are added only at a temperature below 30 degrees Celsius. That the products are manufactured according to the strict guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics and thus carry the consumer label, is matter of course for us. How Tan I me self-tanning correctly with the lavera Sun sensitive? Applied 1-2 times a week, the body lotion gives an optimal, natural brown tone. The achieved Tan is however not to compare – products from the traditional cosmetics not consciously.


Women are willing to spend large sums of money for shoes, handbags or clothes, but as regards the beauty interventions, affecting directly their body and health, will be saved. “On the one hand it is logical: something” has embellished almost every woman in a certain age; not each one has but enough financial means to do so. You then tried to take advantage of the cheap offers and save money. It is well known that perform an eyelid surgery for an eye doctor can be. This is indeed cheaper. People such as McKesson Corporation would likely agree. Right is that blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can perform eye doctors, the professional world but thinks that perspective on the benefits of the operation is different: while plastic surgeons especially their views of the aesthetic page set, looks an optometrist primarily on the health outcome, namely the improved appearance.

If you know anyone who has carried out this operation at the eye doctor’s Office and see no good result, then you think about it, whether the saved money has paid off in this case. Many people suggest surgery makes me fun”all warnings in the wind, and the result is that complications increase more and more as a result of wrong operations. Some countries (Germany, Denmark) have fixed already legislative therefore this area. In some countries, you think about it after (Austria) and in some countries, the quality control is completely absent. So it can happen already, that you can read an ad in a newspaper, where a student offers a non-invasive liposuction a Rechtswissenschaften(!), because it is their fun”. Fortunately is also in the low countries’ already talked about standards, that should govern, who is responsible for the Execution of cosmetic surgery should be entitled. Unfortunately the decision lies over a plastic surgery and who does it for you as opposed to the State health care entirely at the patient. Damaged human body the task of cosmetic surgery is to improve the shape and appearance of the human body. Sometimes but not professionally conducted intervention may be just the opposite. There are enough doctors who simply risk and without sufficient experience and the necessary qualifications to perform complicated procedures.


Take your summer body in top shape with Macrolane finally has come! The Sonnensaison is here and brings the long-awaited beach vacation within reach. Time to bring your own body so that it cuts a good figure in a bikini yet quickly at its best. But millions of women can not untarnished look forward of the year on the best days, because a breast that is perceived as too limp, a little stuffed bikini tops or disturbing cellulite dimples can be improved often not satisfactory even with the best workout. A treatment is here with the very well-tolerated hyaluronic acid Macrolane remedy. The clear gel is injected during an outpatient appointment by a specialist under the skin and balances specifically lost volume, tightens sagging body regions, bolsters up the bust size naturally or forms a sexy butt without surgery side effects such as anaesthesia, large scars and long downtime. Macrolane is a completely new world of possibilities available with immediately visible, natural results for a summer body who look can be, even when the treatment just before the holidays! The results are long-lasting but not permanent. Macrolane is degraded by the body over time and completely metabolized, leaving the freedom, at any time and again for a treatment to can decide.

Fact sheet Macrolane breast forming: Materials required: approx. 100 150 ml Macrolane per breast (approx. 1 cup size) time: A preliminary should always be to determine the suitability of the patients, as well as its expectations and wishes. The actual date of treatment takes approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the effort and preparation. After the patient can after a short period of rest in practice immediately go home and go to his normal everyday activities.

Executive physician: perform this procedure usually only plastic surgeons or practitioners certified by Q-Med. Procedure: Preliminary including drawing on the breast, photograph, local Stunning, injection treatment with Macrolane, mold inspection by sitting upright and assessing in the mirror, massage and wound closure. After a short rest, the patient can then leave the practice. A follow-up appointment cancelled after 1 week after treatment and then by appointment with the doctor. Cost: from 2.500,-euro details, pictures, footage and interviews with experts, see. Q-Med GmbH Andrea Regina Forch PR Manager Berliner ring 89 64625 Bensheim Tel: + 49 (0) 174 186 3517

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So it serves the streamlining of diets erschlaffenden skin tissue normally and so the result is a leaner figure in connection with a firmer, more pliant skin. The Bioderm ESSENTIEL device is patented, CE 0434 certified, FDA registered (established registration) and ARTG approved, registered and approved healthy and permanently remove: to remove permanently and healthy, it is necessary to reduce the calories, at the same time, the body needs a sufficient supply of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber for colon and digestive. In the context of the holistic body form Center-multi-well, we offer a wide range of diet products of various companies treatment. These products and their effectiveness and efficiency are underpinned by including the clinical studies and or very good reviews from for example Stiftung Warentest. Depending on if we choose your goals, wishes and possibilities together your personal diet plan. The BIA measurement is a key factor in the dietary advice.

Here, it is exactly checked if you really break down fat and lose not only water or muscle mass. Can a traditional scale Furthermore make no statement. Ben Silbermann pursues this goal as well. Also, your nutritional status is so regularly. Ohmniscan NG: Ohmniscan NG is a fully digital, phase-sensitive 4-channel instrument for the bio-impedance analysis (BIA). On all four channels, Ohmniscan NG at 50 kHz AC frequency measures the resistive resistance (RZ), the capacitive resistance of XC and the phase angle (PA) with high precision. Ohmniscan NG-device: CE II, medical CE certified class, certified CE 0434, FDA registered (established registration) and approved, ARTG registered and approved the body shape concept is interesting not only for private customers. It also specifically aimed at persons with medical or cosmetic background. For even more analysis, hear from Ben Silbermann. The devices of the company multi-well can be used and purchased in the body form Center showroom.

Demonstrations and consultations take place daily. Against a small amount and upon presentation of/business card of proof of commercial, prospective buyers of a complete treatment can receive all available multi-well this man himself to convince can.Who now are still doubting the body shape Center concept, should convince themselves and arrange an appointment. The complete treatment concepts you will find under: and us can be found in the: Augsburgerst. 25 D-10789 Berlin Tel: 030 / 76 21 32 02 E-mail:

Artificial Tanning Products

In the United States and Canada, indoor tanning products are very common. In addition, indoor tanning businesses have grown considerably over the past 25 years and are still growing, becoming increasingly sophisticated. It’s hard to compete with the global beauty industry. Surprisingly or not, the U.S. population is spending more time and money on beauty than their education. Therefore, regardless of gender, nationality, age or occupation, Americans are extremely attached to indoor tanning salons. The surveys always reveal the extent of the indoor tanning business in local communities. The Americans and Canadians are satisfied with the fact that indoor salons provide a rigorously controlled tanning process, gradual and under supervision.

Thanks to these factors, sunburns and health problems are almost out of the question. For example, 85 percent of respondents admit that they really believe in the safety of artificial tanning. Many people also appreciate the privacy and comfort they receive in a tanning salon, which offers a real break from all the daily tasks that have to attend. The latest polls show a more balanced male / female profile as compared to few years ago. Unlike today, in 1996, in most cases women were regular customers. But in recent years, men have become accustomed to the indoor and tan tanning tips.

Many Americans have experienced at least one artificial tanning in the last ten years. It is said that more than 10 percent of the U.S. population will visit an indoor salon facility. Moreover, women hold the supremacy of the property. Surveys show that over 50 percent of the interior rooms are the property of women. Neither age of the tanners nor the nationality is an obstacle for Americans and Canadians. Now, 70 percent of all tanners inside are more than 25 years of age. It is no longer taboo. A lot of people want to heal (of psoriasis, for example) and to stay in shape. Currently there are 25,000 professional indoor tanning Business Fund and 160,000 employees in this industry. The number of customers is encouraging, too: 28 million people. As a matter of fact, there is a professional indoor tanning salon operating in most U.S. cities. There are reports saying that Hispanic and African-American groups share the trend and their number is increasing.

Haircut Styles

The haircuts 2011, as to many they think it people, are only based on whom the date of the article changes and almost nothing else. If you are hopeful or hopeful in finding an article on styles and colors, we noticed to him that she is not that we are not going to talk about to them. What happens is that we will give more priority him to the fact that they put attention to him to certain titles that in fact do not correspond to something total. The most concrete sense of all this equipment of words has to do with the gradual acceptance that we do of one better motivational integration. That is to say, they say when us that in one season a hair presentation enough is used, can simply be due to a commercial strategy.

But, on the other side, can be due to that the magazines of fashions, the nonsense publications, the television programs that are dedicated to the appearance, must include a little more subjects. For this reason, you are not surprised if she is a more or less perceptive person, of when for example are the new tendencies in you cut of hair for the present year. Is that they are strangely equal to those of the previous year, only that suddenly perhaps sees somebody with a butterfly dissected in the head, jejeje, or a bird nest. It is only one joke, but in the long run it is very diciente from the red seas and the wireless emissions that are only spent to try to convince to somebody that cutting the hair of such way it assures to you without a doubt that you are in the place in. Good, if you think that to have a haircut 2011 be part of pretty people, reading or reading, perhaps makes lack more self-esteem without arriving at the personal pride. If it surprises to you of which we are speaking this way, perhaps he is something very good. At no moment we try to reduce, to disqualify or to not know the important work that they make hairdressers and hairdressers or stylists.

They are some of the most basic people of the social life in group, not only because they have the work to adorn the head to us, but even like individuals that help us to spend the day better because they please make the great one listen to us. An art, by certain, sadly very in decay. Then, the haircuts 2011 can be only words so that many people buy more editions of a magazine, or because thus there will be much more rating after the lunch or during the lunch in the section of entertainment of the reporter. Yes, we understand the business of the aesthetic one and the personal adjustment, of which they are managed to maintain many people. We also understand that the hair of many and many of us and we can shine or shines a disaster and needs the repair amiable hands and that in truth they know of the subject. But, as far as the haircuts 2011, as I read that way, belleza=nimo. Forceful. Reference:

Pena Esclusa

To Pena Esclusa, just candidate than his country presidential was imprison for being a brave critic of that dictator comrade, Commander, paratrooper. Hugo chavez and it seems lawful to do a comparison that is here given the enemies of Uribe: great press, Supreme Court, some news, columnists, most that can employ the dirtiest expressions against our President that even today some tick of paramilitary, knowing what will happen never them anything. Fortunately, Uribe has no time to read even the calumnies that were made by relatives of Ingrid and French diplomacy for 6 years to isolate the country internationally. Our President branded him bellicose and linked to paramilitaries. And complain of his popularity, close to 75%, a man who was able to spend a new year in a high mountain of the army camp. A man, as says Plinio Apuleyo, endowed with a fierce desire achieve what is proposed and solve the problems of the people in the most remote regions of the homeland. A the man who gave us security, which hit hard the Farc and the Eln, which opened the country to foreign investment and put in place social programs and that fortunately he denounced in the OAS the support they receive the terrorists of the Farc-Eln in Venezuela with 87 camps from which attack our country.

70 Are raids occurring from Venezuela, according to the prosecution, with the death of innocent Colombians. Is it that we should cover us eyes to benefit our compatriots in the border trade?.What unfortunately did not succeed Uribe was that the Court is respected, because of vengeful way produced arbitrary failures against its officials and Senators close to the Government and clear for this Court there are political friends of the Farc. And it will not appoint Prosecutor’s the triplet proposed by Uribe. They want one that is left to manipulate them. If this is with Chavez all of them would be in jail as Pena Esclusa or dismissed.