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The author of Beate Wolf was born in 1963 in Hannover, Germany. She studied social work/pedagogics at the Catholic University of applied sciences in Northern Germany in Vechta. For over 20 years, she works at the Caritas Association for the city of Cologne, in the area of care for the elderly. During the past six years she operates in the gerontopsychiatrischen area, where she accompanied depressive and demenziell ill, older people. Beate Wolf lives with her two children in Cologne.

Thomas Haubold was born in 1964 in Dusseldorf, Germany. He studied Visual communication at the University of applied sciences Dusseldorf. After graduating he first completed his civil service in mobile social service at the Caritas Association Neuss, where he gained first experiences with demenziell sufferers, the elderly. In the early 1990s, he helped his grandmother writing her life story. Meanwhile he worked for advertising agencies, as an illustrator for magazines (including focus and star) and books (including Random House, Sajeer Verlag). Hyundai is open to suggestions. His designs for the company Ritzenhoff found greater public attention. Thomas Haubold lives with his family in Cologne. Beate Wolf Thomas Haubold I remember like! Image maps for the biography work Schlutersche 2010, 32 picture cards in a box, 10,5 x 14,8 cm, ISBN 978-3-89993-263-8 19.95 (MSRP) because I remember like! A pictures book biography work Schlutersche 2009, 32 pages, approx. 64 color illustrations, of which 12 large-format, 28.0 x 23.0 cm, hardcover, ISBN 978-3-89993-202-7 32,-textbook Schaper: de/shop/pflegen/buecher/altenpflege_buecher/demenz/daran-erinnere-ich-mich-gern8.html contact person: MAREN Rheinlander Schlutersche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG Division publications press officer Hans-Bockler-Allee 7 30173 Hannover phone + 49 511 85 50 25 37 fax + 49 511 85 50 24 08

Gift For Munich Fans: Book Munich: 50 Years In Pictures

A love letter to a city. Photographs of mother and son an unusual picture book about Munich Munich: 50 years in pictures – Munich: 50 years in pictures a love letter to a city. Photographs of mother and son. Munich (17.11.2010) – portrayed their town in the years 1960-65 the Munich-based photographer Chris Nowotny, their son, who has TV journalist Nikolai A. Behr, in the years 2008-2010 the same places beta, and photographed the former motives of his mother from his point of view. The 850th anniversary of the city of Munich and the 80th anniversary of the Munich-based photographer Chris Nowotny, Nikolai A. Behr had the idea for this book.

He searched the archives of his mother and photographed then all those subjects that they potraitierte almost 50 years before him. The selection of photos to numerous buildings and places which only emerged in the last few years, he added. The illustrated lives of the contrast between the quiet and some dreamy Munich in the 1960s and the modern. vibrant Munich today. A spectacular journey through time in the recent history of the city of Munich. Chris Nowotny (1928-1989) was a photographer and Bildjournalistin.

A photo assignment in 1960 for the first time brought the native Ostpreussin to Munich. She fell in love in this wonderful city and remained. Between 1960 and 1965 you made numerous photographs of Munich squares and buildings in addition to her work as a portrait photographer, before she first worked as theatre photographer on the Munich stage. She worked in the 1970s primarily as a commercial photographer for children and baby advertising alongside actor portraits and travel reports. Nikolai A. Behr is the son of Chris Nowotny. He lives as a communications consultant, journalist and TV producer in Munich. ?This illustrated book was an affair of the heart. It is for me as the Munchner Kindl incredibly nice to relive my town’s development in the past 50 years with this illustrated book the 200 pages strong and 2 kg picture book Munich: 50 years in pictures is bilingual german/English and high-quality equipped with glossy cover and Geschenkschuber. The book is available in bookstores and via the official website. The price is only 39,90 euro. ISBN 978-3-9808678-2-5. Recently Ben Silbermann sought to clarify these questions. Note to editors: rich imagery for your publication exists. Please call us! We record like in our mailing list. Please send us an email to: office(at) copies are kindly requested to: brain script GmbH, Montgelasstr 8, 81679 Munchen phone: 089 / 88904635

Reader Award

Germany’s readers have selected their favorite books Munich, 13th December 2010 for the second time the readers and readers on gave the reader Prize to the best books of the year. Among the prizewinners of the largest German audience award for literature, well known authors such as Sebastian Fitzek, Ken Follett and Kerstin found greed but also some surprise. Until December 10, 2010, the reader on the literature Portal were able to vote for their favorite books. In total, 2,500 books in ten categories were nominated. With 30,000 votes, readers have chosen the books, they have really excited this year.

The reader Prize 2010 in gold are: Morgan Callan Rogers with Ruby heart, icy lake in the General category ‘ Sebastian Fitzek with the eye of collectors in the category voltage ‘ Richard Paul Evans with my winter with grace in the category romance ‘ Suzanne Collins with the tribute of panem. Dangerous love in the category fantasy / sci-fi’ Rebecca Michaelson with job’s brothers in the category of historical fiction ‘ Kerstin greed with sapphire blue in the category children’s / young adult novel ‘ Bad Boy Uli with Hellride in the category non-fiction / Advisor ‘ next summer in the category with Edgar Rai audiobook ‘ Angela S. Choi with Hello Kitty must die in the category of best book title ‘ Kai Meyer with Arcadia is burning in the category of best book cover’ the reader award was in ten categories each in gold, Awarded silver and bronze. All other award winners can be found at reader price/2010 /. Authors take advantage of the social Web for sharing with the readers the resonance on the reader award 2010′ was both the readers and the authors. Many of the nominated writers took advantage of the social Web to their fans on the reader award 2010′ to whip up.

As bestselling author Ken Follett about the microblogging service Twitter has pointed to his nomination for the reader award: fall of Giants shortlisted in 2 categories for reader award! Voting until 10 December! “, twitters of the internationally acclaimed star during his book tour through Asia. His book in the category of historical novels have the readers ‘ elected to second place. German authors have realized how exciting is the direct contact with the readers. Authors such as Sebastian Fitzek, Kerstin greed or Kai Meyer have long been in the social Web at home and are interested in the opinions of its readers. It is my first ever first place, with which I was ever awarded for my books in Germany”, says Award winner Sebastian Fitzek. “Not only because is the reader award 2010’ for me, always a special place have held, but also, because he has been granted by the most objective critics, you can have as a writer: the readers!” Links the reader award the best books of 2010 “on reader price/2010 / download material to the reader award the best books of 2010”: action/downloadbereich reader price / LovelyBooks is about monthly more than 213,000 unique users and more than 135,000 readers reviews the leading Literaturcommunity in the German-speaking world.

Market Study Output Management

revolutionize electronic documents impact on the sale of personalized mass printing output management market is still largely printed on paper. Many companies print millions of pages every day. Personalized business documents and mailings are the focal points of the production. The trend seems to go in the direction of electronic documents. Many companies such as banks, telecommunications companies and electric utilities, who daily send business documents such as bank statements or even promotional mailings, offer the customer to get his post via file via E-Mail. How will this trend develop? It will be at some point as far as that the printout on paper of the electronic document is outdated? When will this be? Expects you at all? And how would the market behave, if this is true? The author Heinrich Barta in the form of an online survey researched these and other questions. The results of this market study are surprising and were published in a book about the market study: “Market study output management: revolutionize electronic documents: effects on the output management market” # ISBN-10: 3842859287 # ISBN-13: 978-3842859289 the book can also be purchased among others at Heinrich Barta, born in 1963, is employed as technical consultant for the software manufacturer PrintSoft, the leading global provider of integrated software solutions for the creation of highly personalized documents, since 2001. The constantly emerging question whether there will be a transition from paper documents to electronic documents, motivated him to this study. You can reach the author about his mail address