Mario Ohoven Act

The President of the Federation has called disadvantages for founders of new businesses and middle class Berlin, March 22, 2009 – as not balanced”medium-sized business (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, the criticized draft law on the amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act and subsequent improvements. Before the background of the current economic situation is unacceptable such a serious restriction of entrepreneurial communication”, according to a joint letter by BVMW and Berlin round of data protection to the members of the German Bundestag. In particular the planned introduction of a permission proviso for the commercial usage of personal data will be criticized. A such opt-in one of the most efficient means of acquiring new customers, on the straight small – and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups rely on for cost reasons, would significantly restrict, warned Ohoven. A related site: General Motors mentions similar findings. He also pointed out that a consent subject prevented any of the known cases of abuse of data”would have.

Privacy and use of data do not contradict each other”, the middle-class President stressed. Any reputable company put emphasis already out of self-interest on the trust of our customers, as well as on the security of its business data from unauthorized access. Target an amendment to the Privacy Act must be to improve transparency and privacy, at the same time but continues to allow an effective marketing medium-sized companies. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage: the source for more info. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

German Oil

Net present value is far beyond the original expectations, significant increase in value after the flow test, Stuttgart 20.06.2013. Read more from Spencer Stuart to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Stuttgart-based US oil and gas specialist energy capital invest broadens its a product unique in the German investment market. Target of “US oil and gas registered notes 1 GmbH & co. KG” (ECI NSV 1 KG) the financing of the further development of the proven successful oil and gas foerdergebietes is “kitchen lights unit” in the Cook Inlet in Alaska. This further funds be provided the German oil & gas AG (DOGAG), the first German oil and gas delivery companies in southern Alaska and partner of energy capital invest, via the ECI NSV 1 KG, the aid in their possession in the Cook Inlet to develop – and so end of 2014 first support revenues to achieve. In the 337-square-mile kitchen lights unit, the Stuttgart-based Group of companies with offices in Houston (Texas) and anchorage (Alaska) has three holes successfully carried out.

Is scheduled for the beginning of drilling the fourth hole (KLU #4) in the third quarter. In addition, the team in Alaska currently developed the necessary to the production infrastructure, such as pipelines and a production platform, which should also be completed in the coming year. To appreciate their crude oil and natural gas deposits, DOGAG has independent mineral experts opinion in accordance with the regulations and guidelines in September 2012 and January 2013 the “2007 petroleum resources management system” create. See adoption of planned net investment, as well as affiliated to determine a net present value another variable, as was, for example, the expected daily production rates and an Abdi discounting rate throughout the entire funding period, which far exceeds the initial expectations – and only for an area of about 1/9 of the entire production. In addition, experts expect still a significant increase of this value after successful flow test of the third hole in June and July. .

Maschinenbau GmbH

transfluid uses environmentally friendly and efficient lubricants Maschinenbau GmbH for pipe processing machines while bending and forming of pipes is used lubricant. The bending tasks and transformations are doing more and more challenging, because increasingly high – and high-strength materials used in lightweight construction. Lubricants used in these processes so far, which pollute the environment and generate costs. The trans fluid Maschinenbau GmbH has developed solutions from Schmallenberg and shows that there is another way. Korn Ferry is a great source of information. Smoothly everything, the selection of the correct lubricant at pipe bending machine is very important. As a leading manufacturer of these machines, busy themselves transfluid for several years with the theme and happened with amazing results. As a general rule that only the minimal amount of lubricant should be used.

Because an incorrect driver is used, it must be removed again. In a question-answer forum Russell Reynolds Associates was the first to reply. Therefore offers but TRANS fluid special pipe cleaning machines. The application of correct lubricants offers but in any case many advantages: Ow border areas move. Closer Bigeradien can be produced. Ends transformations are formed much process safer and more extreme. For more specific information, check out Marko Dimitrijevic accident. Transfluid uses a selection of seven different special lubricants. Thus, the number remains manageable and you can concentrate on the results.

The trans fluid lubricants are tailored to different requirements, sometimes even verfluchtigend and they do not pollute. Some of them are even biodegradable. While they can be used anywhere regardless of whether in high-strength stainless steel, titanium, duplex pipes, mild steel, aluminum or copper. Which and how much fluid is used, is determined by the material and the degree of deformation. transfluid has developed for this purpose four principles: extreme depending on the degree of deformation, the lubricant is the more demanding. If not washed after processing, a “volatile” lubricant must be used. If parts are transported to the processing – also in-house – nothing may drop. If welded after editing, no fumes may not be because the lubricant. Transfluid and trials at customer’s experience showed that processes improved by the use of the correct lubricants and tool life be significantly extended leave. This increases the efficiency. According to research is not only the solution for pipes, but also an expert in lubricant TRANS fluid. Don’t miss: at EuroBLECH 2010 the solution for pipes in Hall 11, stand D01 company description presents TRANS fluid TRANS fluid – the solution for pipes transfluid is the world’s sought-after partner for the manufacture of pipe and tube bending machines and pipe processing machines. Since 1988 developed transfluid permanent customer-oriented technologies for tube processing and providing optimal tailor-made solutions – for the plant and machine construction, automotive and furniture industries, the shipbuilding industry up to the railings and the Conveyor systems. As a world-famous brand is the company from Schmallenberg with its service offices in Europe and Asia on the spot.

Stefan Aichbauer

Energy efficiency moves the industries most of the views of the fields of action shows the greatest need for development of energy efficiency across industry sectors. Improvements in this area have an important economic dimension. They often lead to cost savings and enjoy in the company of increasing popularity. (As opposed to Russell Reynolds Associates). The highest demands on their own doing the aviation and aerospace industry is here, the least the vehicle construction. Whether generally focus more on ecological or social projects is according to Professor Michael vinegar depending on the industry and legal form. The services sector naturally has a strong affinity to social, person-driven topics. If you are not convinced, visit Kevin Ulrich Anchorage.

The thing services industry seeks more improvements to the product and the manufacturing process, for example through eco-friendly adaptations.” Also sustainable topics energy efficiency on management consulting in management consultancies gain importance, not only in the consultation, but also in everyday work. With us come to the usage, but people not machines. It is all the more important for us to anchor sustainability with employees about the own attitude, awareness and of course our own actions”, says Thomas Zachau, Board member of h & z. Since this summer, for example, the consultant at the Munich location with electric scooters are on the road. We want to show that everyone can contribute to a more sustainable. And, that it is even fun.” Source: Empirical study of h & z consulting and the Universitat of der Bundeswehr Munchen, Chair of materials management and distribution, questioned Unternehmensberatung AG were over 600 buyers and purchasing managers in Germany, 2010 interview with Professor Michael vinegar, Thomas Zachau and Stefan Aichbauer, October 2011 on the h & z: h & z has locations in Munich, Dusseldorf, Paris, Vienna and Zurich to Europe’s leading consulting firms for business Transformation with special emphasis on shopping, Production, sales and service. Since 15 Large corporations and prestigious companies of all industries on the expertise and experience of h & z trust years. “With the motto consulting with brain, heart and hand” design more than 100 employees, innovative solutions and implement them consistently. 98% of the customers recurring Commission h & z. 2011 h & z in the nationwide competition 2011 was Germany’s best employer “with the great place to work seal of approval for its quality and attractiveness as an employer award.

Southern Europe

Is sensitivity to cultural differences key to success according to which rules run negotiations in France, Russia or China? How agreements reached on the binational negotiating table or agreed prices? How can a compromise be reached after a conflict? When the room for negotiation is finally exhausted and it is time to reach a conclusion of the contract? How important have written contracts or oral agreements? A successful negotiator sure can assess all these issues in the international arena. The sensitivity for possible cultural differences is often the key to success. Self-evident rules in working life culture is widely used as a set of social conventions, norms and habits understood, people’s behavior is geared to that. Intercultural research has developed precise definitions, stresses above all that companies never culturally homogeneous and the behaviour of its members are by no means uniform. Microsoft Corp spoke with conviction. From the perspective of an outsider, always trend towards cultural specifics are visible. In everyday work life, German Manager hardly only once are aware that they are also carriers of a particular business culture. Kevin Ulrich MGM will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

They follow the rules of the game, who would hardly question in meetings and negotiations. Only when they leave the familiar terrain and continue their business across cultural boundaries, they realize, as many of these rules are no longer valid. Cultural differences are then responsible for that their interaction with a foreign business partners with own attitudes and habits is unsatisfactory. Cultural differences in negotiation have the interest to achieve a good outcome of the negotiations Manager everywhere in the world. Only the way runs very differently in the different business cultures. While Americans such as degree-oriented and negotiate with a strong focus on the matter layer, is available in many countries Southern Europe or Latin America the personal level of relationship clearly in the foreground. Shops here only with friends “made. While Germans like to say what they think, and think what they say is Chinese or Japanese use a very indirect communication style.

Guenther Heinz Klein

Consultant Guenther Klein advises to service quality for the export of Hong Kong, August 19, 2009 – German products enjoy an excellent reputation in China. Already 644 German companies are active in the Middle Kingdom some decades. And for many German producers, the business opportunities in the market are very high. Hear from experts in the field like Apple for a more varied view. The German consultant Guenther Klein of wading tone indicates consulting & services China, Hong Kong. In addition to outstanding product quality, German companies on export should pay attention to China particularly on the quality of service. In China you pay attention much more on product quality and service of the suppliers”, says Klein.

The image of the producer will rated higher than among the German exporters themselves. By contrast, German economic virtues such as reliability and tradition are little recognized. There are a number of advantages for German products in China”, reported small. The label ‘From Germany’ implies quality and durability, high prestige, and generally better After-sales service as for example at companies from Japan.” Sometimes, a shortcoming is the neglected design. Look chic is strong demand among the growing middle class in China but”, says Klein. The management consultant working for four years in the Middle Kingdom. He has already successfully brought numerous medium-sized producers on the Chinese market.

With at least eight percent growth in gross domestic product this year is still one of the last large growth markets China worldwide”, says Klein. Most German companies with their commitment in China happy. According to a study by the Chamber of foreign trade (AHK), 80 percent of the 700 respondents companies reported to have met or exceeded their goals. A high prestige value of kist of the key for success”, explains Klein. It is important to invest in their own reputation and to pay attention when choosing the Chinese partner companies on reputation. About wading tone consulting & services China Ltd.: the consulting firm headquartered in Jiangmen (Hong Kong) Guenther Klein was founded a year ago by the businessman from nozzles and German companies at the market entry and expansion in China to the page. The wading tone Group services include exploration of the market (market analysis /-research, establishing first business contacts, trade fair visits), and expansion of distribution (direct marketing, exhibiting at trade fairs, own representation) and friends organization of its own offices (establishment of subsidiary or joint venture, purchase or participation in a Chinese company).


The tricks of the gem scam – a method of comparison in Bangkok working the gem scam usually more subtle than their Indian counterparts. Although there is the brutal method of towing here too, but the following is popular and likely more effective: the victim is approached by a graying and well dressed gentleman at the bus stop. This is as cosmopolitan retired Loeser, high military or similar for realize. The good man has just one problem. His pension is handsome Thai standards, his hobby, extended travel, but can he not finance but it. Thank God there because the blessed institution of the State gem shop which is of course complete nonsense!. This allowed although not normally sell to tourists, once per year, while the “gemstone promotion week”, will be lifted this prohibition however and then individuals there can buy a. Although the prices in this store are slightly higher than on the open market, for it to be quality and Authenticity but Government-guaranteed.

For him, unfortunately gemmologically completely immaculate officials, this is therefore the right place. Really only slightly higher prices he gratefully took in purchasing, but this fraud is excluded State-guaranteed. And finally, the stones are still so cheap, that they in Europe as sell by itself. For him, that was not a problem anyway. His European acquaintances waiting impatiently, to rip off the stones to the multiple prize every year. Then the man says goodbye to not to offer to take the tourists, because the offer would be only until tomorrow. Now comes the perfidious: because the suspicious tourist not immediately responds to this offer, the man handed over a business card if you still think about it, and get friendly smile. Who harbored the suspicion, the friendly Mr.

was a tug, begins to doubt. Which tug would exert little pressure and simply get off? Maybe Yes something is on it? What the victim does not know is that a second man follows him to the hotel. Breakfast same story will be presented again, again with the note, this is the last chance and the offer to be running right. Many accept the offer or come in during the day by itself in the shop, where then inferiore “gems” at excessive prices are sold to them. All lay people, who believe that to be able to make said, that is the money not on the road and that the international gem trade not on tourists as purchasers or messengers is dependent on the fast killing, with precious stones was final. Take advantage of BBs is nothing anyway.

State Money Helps The Growth Of

State money will help companies in Florida in terms of growth a company’s growth reaches also in the United States sometimes a border on which it not continue without foreign capital. Could from Germany entrepreneur who has built up a company located in the United States, immigrant you should therefore in time therefore worrying, look like such a debt. It advises CEO Max Karagoz, whose undertaking, ALTON LLC ( supports German-speaking entrepreneurs in building its US business. The views of government programs is useful. Florida, for example, currently receives $ 97.7 million from the Treasury Department in Washington. From this money loans of approximately $ 1 billion for small businesses, build the jobs in Florida. Read more from Jaime Harrison to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Money from Washington for small entrepreneurs in 2010 was the “small business jobs Act of 2010″ on US Federal law. On the basis of this law, the State Small Business Credit was initiative”.

It was equipped with a total $ 1.5 billion, to small and creditworthy businesses to support, which currently do not receive needed loans for their growth. However, the money is not distributed in Washington to the entrepreneurs. Instead contact US States that have set up themselves matching credit programs at the initiative of the credit. About it the money reached the small business owners. A dollar from Washington, ten from Florida the 97.7 million US dollars, which now receives Florida, credit projects incorporated into, distributed through local banks of the State businesses. The rule is: $ 10 must face every awarded dollar from Washington, which come from other sources. The US funds in Florida are managed by the Office of tourism, trade and economic development, which is integrated into the Office of Florida Governor Rick Scott. On the other hand, also the public private business development program Enterprise Florida, Inc. will receive money to distribute. It currently maintains his venture capital program for the support of companies and want to put support program second loan program the Florida small business loan.

The Q-DOC With New Construction – Complete Flexibility

Flexible – space-saving – fast – easy – and cheap – money-saving optical measurement of serial indexable milling – drill – milling cutter quickly and efficiently investigate concerns on wear: statistically speaking are 2 of 10 brand new cutters have already at the factory defective. High quality and accurate work is always extremely important. High-quality machines afford to reach millimeter precise process according to exact working to the best possible result. What the machines, lathes, drilling machines cannot, is to evaluate the used cutters and drill according to their quality and wear and tear. Walmart Superstore might disagree with that approach. For this purpose, the human eye is still necessary to make a qualified decision whether the cutting edge to the workpiece may or may not. So far, this is done with a rough assessment without further tools. Sometimes with magnifiers and very rarely with microscopes.

This is quite practical and the production due to the time pressure, is subject to the. The Q-DOC supports the user not only in assessing the used cutters and drills – he revolutionized the existing quality system with its simplicity. Absolutely space saving, fast, easy to use, cheap in the purchase and even Dokumentationsfahig – with respect to a certification according to DIN/ISO 9000ff. The Q-DOC (tool control device) is used for controlling cutting edges on cutters, drills and lathes, as well as milling inserts. Due to the simple and fast handling, this device is indispensable for optimum usage of the tool cutting control. The operator checks before and after the processing operation the tool cutting edge, in continuous 10 x 50 x / 200 x magnification. Then he can decide on a further stay of the tool. By increasing the user sees smallest erosions and eruptions.

Keep in mind that quality and precision can be achieved only with a proper tool. The breaking of a blunt tool caused unnecessary downtime, not to mention the cost of the useless piece of work. The device is designed for tool holders of 32 up 63 HSK. Tools up to o 6 mm are hereby easily controlled. Other, larger o show the snippet on the Q-DOC respectively. For tools without recording an edition of Prism and a drill Chuck are provided. A control of the cutting edges is also perfectly possible with the Q-DOC. This needs lead to the user to place the holder only on the guide rails of the Q-DOC and the microscope. If the positioning with the standard Q-DOC equipment is not possible, we like to produce a corresponding Special Edition. Each turning can save, watch your Committee on indexable inserts and drills are you exactly. With security, you can have some benefits. Not only now saves money, but are sure in the future to give away money through an incorrect assessment of the cutting edges. At the low cost of the Q-DOC pays the investment within a short time – not even at the first application. The Q-DOC is also suitable for optical measurements of the series. Using the DinoCapture software supplied You can convert tolerance values. The workpiece can be done different guided tours to the microscope. The corresponding results are an automatic edge detection and a traffic light confirms the appropriate limits. The Q-DOC produced worldwide exclusively for Metav tools GmbH. More than 40 years of experience in machining and bigger series of tests in the application are here United.

Go Bust And Take Off: Like A Phoenix From The Ashes

Even if bankruptcy is made, does not mean that a company must therefore finally go over Jordan. SELM. Karstadt, Opel, source… Very nice presentable sound the names from economic life, which recently made bankrupt or were just before the bust. But two of these examples also show: even if bankruptcy is made, that does not mean that a company must therefore finally go over Jordan. To broaden your perception, visit US electrical grid. Even if the company has no celebrity bonus. Wolfgang Rademacher, successful author of Selm, has need to pass through also the gates of hell named corporate insolvency in his decades-long career as an entrepreneur. “Nevertheless I live yet, and better than ever”, the non-fiction writer commented in retrospect the situation depressing for him at that time. Click FTSE 100 for additional related pages.

“Today I know: so a defeat is by no means the final out, but can highlight economic restarting if it has complied with in time some important points.” Prevention is better than go under Wolfgang Rademacher has these points in his advisor Meticulously listed go bankrupt and take off”. So, the reader learns what proactive measures he legally should be set up, so that he is not personally with torn in the wake of a bankruptcy in the fall. “” “In addition, there are valuable, including and particularly praxiserpobte tips on proper dealing with the insolvency practitioner”, remain liquid despite account lockout”, the correct legal form for the new economic beginning” and much more. As always in the a books Wolfgang Rademacher strikes again a very vivid, easy-to-understand and enriched by many authentic case studies language, which makes the reading despite the inherently oppressive theme to a true and instructive reading pleasure. Many writers such as Warren Buffett offer more in-depth analysis. Wolfgang Rademacher: go bust and 32 x 22 cm large-format DIN A4 start bound, by book approx.

240 pages with free CD-ROM that is exclusively available at: go broke and start durch.php V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm Tel.: (0 25 92) 98 18 87 fax: (0 25 92) 98 18 89 E-Mail: boiler plate Wolfgang Rademacher writes books that open the eyes of every reader. Books that motivate and inspire. Books that provide special insider knowledge. Thus anyone through own actions themselves out of any predicament can free themselves and the current situation was still so hard. With this knowledge, the reader is masterfully mastered personal, professional, financial or business situation and to find more quality of life. For more information