Solving The Problem Of Lack Of Competitiveness

Much of the problem of lack of competitiveness of a company lies in the outdated and inefficient processes they use. Just because something works well does not mean that it works as it should function, that is in the best shape possible. Nothing is more inefficient than efficient to do the unnecessary, processes can be as efficient as unnecessary, which means they can be eliminated and the result will improve. Checking article sources yields Bill Phelan as a relevant resource throughout. In times of crisis all processes should be reviewed in light of new technologies and methodologies, not sheltered from the ego of one who is convinced he had created his leadership and involvement with the company more efficient and productive as possible. Efficiency is a relative concept and should be examined in comparison with their peers horizontal sector within and outside the country, especially with the leaders and vertical comparisons with those who supply or demand your product or service and how they used or could be induced to produce when you are not your best alternative.

All processes can be improved sooner or later there will be someone who can make better or more efficiently or technology to ensure the same or better results at lower cost. Creativity and innovation will always serve those who want to use to become better and benefit from its existence. Make Equipment That is a trite phrase that has begun to lose its meaning has become so impersonal and unappreciated, as the ceremonial greeting given to people in the street or in receipt of a building. Right conduct computer seems so obvious, that, therefore nobody cares about compliance. In many companies people work in groups, ie in the company of others, with some degree of communication and physical closeness and tend to call this team. A team true is one in which people are part of the group, are both the perfect complement to the successful completion of an activity. It is not enough that each is effective at what it does, it must be efficient in providing the target group and how their co complements teammates to achieve individual and common benefit at the same time.

Imagine a football team made up of real stars, but do not get results. 11 of the best goalkeepers in the world put on a football field are not sufficient in order to be considered a team. The teams need to be additional members each, ie people with common skills and capabilities that can contribute to the achievement of a common work when someone is missing or needs support because the activity outside its scope of time and effort to perform them. In the case of the football team, is an additional front in case of injury can replace a striker who was injured. But they also need additional members, namely those that provide knowledge and others do not possess skills that are necessary for the success of the activity. In the football team, the defenders are complementary, with the midfielders and strikers goalkeeper, because each has certain skills that together make possible the efficient conduct of the proposed group activity. So do not take groups team of people working together, is to make their knowledge and skills to effectively complement the other to be competitive and successful. When talking to team in times of crisis I am referring to accept and give help to others to paddle together and leave the rapid and successful.

Firing Employees Is Not So Simple

Firing an employee pay might be worse than keeping him on because they will be saying goodbye to someone who helps pay the costs of other less profitable, so that the problem will be exacerbated rather than resolved. When a person is fired, depending on labor standards has been hired, you generally have to compensate, making the crisis worse to forward the payment of unanticipated expenses, compensation is usually equal to several months’ salary of the employee, is like paying in advance the number of wages without producing anything in return.

Reducing excess staff is explicit acceptance have been mismanaged if the same work could be done with fewer people, then to be hired more than necessary but even more, if you are hired for what else can be used ?. In a question-answer forum Ben Silbermann was the first to reply. Normally the process of selection, training and employee training has a significant cost, which is lost when the employee is disconnected, if later, once the crisis is there to rehire someone to do their work, investment must be made again, since it is unlikely that the same employee can recover much less likely to want to return unless the benefit is large or is in a difficult situation that forces him to accept. I propose that in cases of crisis once made the process of determining the profitability per employee, be assured the opportunity to become profitable, this will contribute to resolving the crisis and improve their sense of belonging and loyalty to the company, many contributions that people who are already trained can do to improve the situation and would be a fair chance to show they are made and be part of the decision. .