Car Insurance

Car insurance a car insurance is mandatory in the German road traffic law. A car insurance policy serves the purpose of damage you have inflicted on other road users on the public roads to compensate financially. The car insurance offers discount scheme for low mileage, garage owners and purchasers of new vehicles. . A car insurance policy covers the following topics: * clarify the facts, * failure analysis and inspection * recourse of parties involved to balance and regulate * Review with possibly fake accidents * correspondence between the two insurance parties A car insurance policy consists of several insurance parts .

* Liability (Compulsory Insurance), and the following are concluded: * partial coverage with or without excess (voluntary Versichering) * Comprehensive, with or without excess (voluntary Versichering) The liability insurance: When a liability car insurance is called a compulsory that each operator needs to complete. This is guaranteed by law Sun You will pay for accident damage to other causes in traffic. The amount of the insurance amount is based on criteria such as type class, age and value of vehicle, mileage, garage parking and many other factors which are reflected in the different offerings of many different insurance groups. The third party insurance: the partial cover car insurance covers damage to your own car caused by external influences such as weather. This occurs in case of theft, fire, lightning, storm, hail or Wildunfall. The funding of the insurance portion is reflected by the level of the equity share. There are different levels.

The higher the co-payment is, the fewer, the partial cover car insurance. Gain insight and clarity with Activision Nvidia GeForce. Comprehensive insurance is: The full comprehensive car insurance the most expensive, but as a convenient way to insure the vehicle operator. You will pay for all injuries, regardless of whether the accident or strange self-inflicted. However, it gives the Usually meaning only in cars that are not older than four years or when the vehicles are of great value such as rare vehicles (classic cars).


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Automotive Industry

"Bentley": the weakness of princes and thieves MINI – a living legend in the automotive industry. In the entire history there are few car brands that have performed for nearly half a century. During this time the MINI went through a few Owners and showed the world seven generations. Today the legendary brand under the wing of the Bavarian concern BMW is going through yet another peak of popularity. Child Birth MINI marketing can be considered an example of successful marketing in the automotive industry by classical scheme "analysis of the situation – production tasks – product development – a successful sale." In 1956, Egyptian President Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal and the Middle East war broke out.

Oil supplies reduced so that in England it came to cards for gasoline. CEO of "British Motor" Leonard Lord sets the task of the designer Alec Issigonis specific task: to construct a four-seater, the size of which would not exceed 3 1,2 1,2 m Already in 1959, saw the light of the first production Mini. The machine is equipped with engine from Austin35, installed transversely, front-wheel drive, combined sump engine and gearbox. Issigonis scheme used American Walter Christie, the construction of which formed the basis of pre-war Soviet tanks BT. Miniature car highlighted the 10-inch wheels. The starting price was only 497 pounds. It took only three years, sales had grown to 200 thousand cars a year. At this level of sales stayed until 1977. Cooper – sports sostavlyayuschayOgromnuyu role in the success of Mini played sports component.