Rental Of Workshop

It all started reading an article in not is magazine, he spoke of an award to the business idea, I kept investigating and discovered that it was an idea imported from Germany, there has been quite a few years implanted, is a new concept of workshop, designed for trotters, tuneros, professionals without its own workshop, and fans to motor. The operation of this new concept of bed workshop workshop is very simple, you arrive with your car, you rent your workshop with all the tools and machinery necessary to perform any repairs (elevators for cars, point of compressed air, cranes, Jack trench, etc.) whether mechanics, sheet metal, paint, sound etc.etc. and you will pay only provisions for the rental of workshop and you forget waste disposal, cleaning of the box, etc. etc. all done charge Center. Usually the centers have free advice for repairs and some also have spare parts shop. Once he had informed me of all this, the curiosity I rush to find centres in my area, What was my surprise that I cost a lot locate any rental shop, and I decided to get me hands to work and was born in that moment is a search engine workshop for rent nationwide, we are unique Finder of this new concept of workshop workshop in all Spain for rent, the idea is to give the location and presentation of this new concept of workshop service.

Believe, believe and trust by this concept, in this first phase we want to get the largest number of centres possible in a second phase to supplement this information with scrapyards, tunning, spare parts etc. stores. We want from give full service of rent of workshop location, and complement it with spare parts stores, we want to give a full support to the rental shop service, so we have developed this Web site. Original author and source of the article