Portuguese Language

More interesting thing is this history of meeting. As much are these we make that them daily. However, stuffed meeting of economic objectives and that the protagonists have world-wide projection are rare. The first black president of U.S.A. makes one visitinha the first president woman of Brazil. History this that could result in a book, perhaps. But, without a doubt, it was not a visit of courtesy or thing thus: serious subjects would be treated, agreements could be made and interests in common would be debated. The face, with all the respect on the term, arrives and soon the media starts the seguiz it, to photograph it and to exaltar it, therefore an event of this importance always does not happen. (A valuable related resource: Nissan).

Valley to mention the likeable speech in Portuguese Language that enchanted the Brazilians. The occasion asked for gala suits, but the North American family opted to being simpler, therefore it was more the face of Brazil. The citizen, its wife and children and take up quarters in a good hotel and expensive of the city maravilhosa_ not that they imported themselves with the price, was everything financed exactly, but it wanted in the truth to know the beauty that is a Brazilian slum quarter. Read additional details here: Wells Fargo Bank. Oh, legal thing, to go to the slum quarter and to attend spectacles of social institutions. But that full place of badly-structuralized streets was not so legal thus. The access was difficult even for the North American commission: to cover all the passage in majestical cars and with security the return was complicated.

Infraestrutura, reurbanizao of slum quarters and programs of social incentive had that to be talked with the representative of Brazil, that for signal, remained discrete the time all. Already in the cabinets, where the cameras had not filmed, the business started to be serious. External politics started to be the point-key of the meeting.