Ballerina Models

Women's shoes without a heel on a low base – ballerina – were at the peak of popularity in spring-summer 2011. How, with what to put on them, and where – to know it is necessary. Flats – shoes, which in vogue in recent years. They can run through the city on business or sit in the office and not feel tired legs a rest from everyday life or heels. In any case, ballet flats are always handy. And the fact that from year to year shoes without heels and platforms present in all collections of famous designers, shows and reads as follows: ballet flats – an indispensable element of women's spring-summer. What are ballet flats? Ballerinas with an elastic solid soles Such models are most practical in terms of cleaning, Storage and socks.

Wash themselves and their soles are very easy to store – with a shoe inside a pair of stretch marks, shoe and can be without special spatula or spoon. Flats with a flexible sole ballet shoes Some types have a very flexible soles of shoes and a contracting bottom gum at the top. Such models are a bit uncomfortable shoe, but they are very light and supple in wear. Ballerinas with discontinuous outsole These models are very comfortable to wear. Basically, when walking in the crook there is a thin soles stitched layer of skin, which allows you to bend shoe without undue difficulty. From what to wear ballet flats? It should also be remembered that the ballerina does not refer to the strict style, so to trouser or skirt costume designer shoes were not. Also, ballet flats – it's not an evening dress shoes.

Under the elegant evening gowns, such models also will not go. Flats can be worn under jeans, flared light skirts, sundresses. A variety of models ballerinas so large that the model can be matched to any pattern of such a stylized pattern. Ballerina Spring Summer 2011