Brady Corporation

August 1, 2007 Brady Corporation has introduced a new material to control the opening and the warranty label B-367. This label material based on polypropylene, leaving a unique imprint of the trace when you try to remove (eg logo, special warnings, instructions, etc.). In a question-answer forum Kamelot Auctions was the first to reply. Level of growing competition in the domestic market, high specific proportion of counterfeit products impose stringent requirements on the product and Protection own brand. Control label, a new development corporation Brady, allow effective solutions to protect products from counterfeiting and invalid warranty return. Standard control label is usually produced traces of VOID and chess figure.

Control Label B-367 – a material with unique design of the customer, providing an additional level of privacy control label. Drawing text on top layer labels from the material B-367 carried out by thermal transfer printing. In accordance with the spectrum of tasks of the application of control materials are extremely broad: to ensure control of opening the product casing in the instrument, the label with the serial number for mobile phones, inventory labels in warehouse operations, identification of any equipment for leasing companies, warranty service. Label Material B-367 – an ideal solution for controlling the sealing packaging in all industries and logistics. This decision marking represents an opportunity to minimize costs expensive security systems that provide control over the opening of packages and suppression of theft.

Properties of the material: polypropylene film allows you to label materials "adapted" by surface, it is easy to apply them on the edges and corners of package / product. Standard color material B-367 – white or silver, at the request of the customer may be any color solutions. Technological feature of control materials Brady: you can create from the figure is very small. Text height – from 1.25 mm. The unique technological properties of the material – not the only differences from the existing analogues. Production of Brady allows for a much smaller minimum order of labels B-367, than any other manufacturer of such labels. When working with other suppliers manufacturer label with the order followed will require additional charges adjustment of equipment to create a unique figure that, for labels Brady B-367 does not need an expensive setup, it saves the budget. BRADY materials meet all necessary international regulatory requirements and EC directives RoHS, has been tested for compliance with UL.

Global Service Member

The company produces high quality ASUS notebooks since 1997 and during that time has acquired tremendous experience and a reputation as one of the world's top manufacturers of mobile computers. ASUS notebooks are distinguished from many competing products companies is the fact that virtually the entire production cycle of any of the models are made exclusively in the company's ASUS. This means that everything from the design of the notebook design, and maternal boards, branded interfaces, technical innovation – all designed by engineers and designers, ASUS, and is produced at the facilities of the company. The advantages of this integrated approach are obvious: ASUS sensitively and quickly react to new trends in technical progress, regularly updating the product line of laptops, making them more productive, easier and more convenient to use. On our site the range of laptops ASUS;, reviews of different laptop models from the lineup of ASUS, description, photos and specifications Laptop ASUS. All ASUS notebooks is ensured by our 2-year warranty, a list of service centers is very broad and includes not only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also many other Russian cities from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

In addition, each buyer also receives a card of Global Service Member. Having a free registration in this system (through Internet), the user has a laptop ASUS opportunity to apply for warranty service center ASUS worldwide. Modern processors run at increasingly higher operating frequencies and become increasingly hot, even mobile options. In connection with this problem of quality cooling confronts manufacturers of computer systems is becoming more acute. ASUS is using a proprietary technology of their laptops DTD, whose purpose – to isolate hot processor to the other nodes to effectively bring a laptop and the heat from the mobile computer housing.

Smart mechanism of heat transfer simultaneously solves the problem of maximum noise reduction and cooling system energy-saving battery. In practice this means that the frequency of the mobile processor, Intel may vary depending on the computational load (technology Intel SpeedStep), and cooling the processor silent The fan speed increases gradually and only if the temperature of the processor. Along the way it should be noted that the work with a laptop ASUS particularly please those who appreciate the silence. By itself, the laptop without the possibility of to supplement its core capabilities with additional devices and accessories would be incomplete. /’>Harold Ford Jr has to say. The laptop could not provide a full replacement for a desktop computer to any user. However, ASUS, and then proved with Best part: ASUS range of accessories is extensive, they are almost always available on sale, and at affordable prices. One of the hallmarks of all laptops ASUS – is the ability to quickly and simply upgrade the processor. It allows you to protect your investment and prevent the rapid obsolescence of such a device not cheap as a laptop. Easy upgrade of the processor contributes to the fact that ASUS only the processors of the form factor mPGA2. Not all laptop manufacturers use in their models the processors of this type.

Manufacturing Enterprise Management

In a typical functional '1 C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 'new features, which broadened the scope of the product and allowed to bring your order using the program to the specific business processes oil trader. The system provides a record of movement and returns tank cars, interest calculation and accounting of mutual borrowing, separate accounting and control of transactions in purchase and sale of petroleum products, accounting logs, registration of motor vehicles, tires, battery, the calculation of indicators for awarding employees. As a result of: automated all the processes associated with the purchase, transportation and sale of petroleum products, which enabled to evaluate effectiveness of each transaction. Wells Fargo Bank contains valuable tech resources. The program allows to take into account all the costs associated with transactions, including transportation costs, costs of storage, the cost to return the tank cars, the cost of diverting funds. All These costs are allocated to the relevant transaction, the relevant shipping. Thus, we can estimate the financial results of the particular transaction of interest to all sections and leadership opportunities for reduce the costs of these transactions, optimizing business process and maximize your earnings, a full cycle of automated cash management of the planned budget motion Cash payments to actual performance of the system "Client-Bank ', by automating the accounting logs, cars, tires, batteries an opportunity to plan and control costs Fuel, replacement parts, tires, batteries, several times the increased rate of receipt of the report, firstly, because the data will now be on the same basis, and secondly, through a universal mechanism of the scheme layout data, which allow very fast to receive various customization options of any reports, removed the double entry of information, increased productivity, automation has reduced labor costs processing of source documents; subsystem implements access control to the system, which allows flexibility to configure user access to data systems, through the work of accounts receivable subsystem is implemented calculation and preparation of claims, allowing increased speed with which the claim documents, introduced a system of incentives for managers in accordance with the corporate position on bonuses, developed and implemented uniform standards of accounting and taxation (unified accounting policy, a single chart of accounts, common analytical reference books); centralized system with a uniform reference framework for all enterprises Holding eliminates duplication of information increases its accuracy, automated accounting and tax accounting in accordance with Russian legislation and corporate accounting policy, including keeping records in accordance with the Regulations on Accounting 'Accounting for payment of income tax PBU 18/02 "; the preparation of regulatory reporting decreased in 2 times during training consolidated financial statements decreased 4 times.

Authorized Training Center

From June 1 to August 31, the company "1C: Accounting and Trade" out an action "Enjoy the summer with ICE," each participant is guaranteed to receive their gift: a summer hammock, inflatable chair, or a camera. The company offers a BIT our clients to take two summer helpers at once: to work – the program "1C: Enterprise 8" service company, TTI, and for recreation – summer hammock, inflatable chair bed and a camera. With the purchase of "1C: Enterprise 8", ITS and services such as Authorized Training Center 1C, adapting software products to the specifics of the organization, client consulting and individual training, signing up for subscription services, ITS subscription, the subscription for the service "Personal Assistant", the protection of commercial information. Proposal for action does not apply to design work) you are guaranteed to receive one of three gifts from the company. – Relax on the Nature! Get a hammock to relax when you buy when purchasing software products '1 C: Enterprise 8 ', or ITS services in the amount of 12 000 rubles. – Travel with ease! Get an inflatable chair bed when purchasing software products '1 C: Enterprise 8 ', or ITS services in the amount of 20 000 rubles. – Capture the moment! Get the camera when you buy software '1 C: Enterprise 8 ', or ITS services in the amount of 50 000 rubles. Participate in action! Make your summer more enjoyable with gifts from the company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT).

Company '1 C: Accounting and Trade '(ICE) – the official partner of '1 C' in 1997. Quality Management System '1 C: Accounting and Trade '(ICE) in 17 offices: in five offices in Moscow, including in Central, in three offices in St. Petersburg, including the Central, and in offices in Krasnoyarsk, Kiev, Samara, Kazan, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, certified in accordance with international quality standard ISO 9001:2000. Specificity of the ICE is not only the automation of the enterprises on the basis of '1 C ', but also training, counseling clients on the full range of professional issues. During his time the company produced over 70,000 successful installations of automated systems. In the state of more than 1,500 employees, most of which are certified by '1 C '. BIT Company – the largest network of franchise companies '1 C '. Further details can be found at Rich Dad Poor Dad, an internet resource.

More than 40 offices, which operate in three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Contacts: Moscow, st. m 'proletarian', st. Vorontsovskaya, 35 'B', Bldg. 2 fl. 3 Tel. +7 (495) 748-07-77

Working Hours

– Weekdays – In the formation of transcripts for the average salary in the amount of time deciphering the defined working days during the period. Accounted "Output" at work. – Working Hours – With the formation of transcripts for the average salary in the amount of time deciphering the defined business hours for the period. Take into account the "exit" time work. – The calendar days (excluding holidays) – When creating transcripts for the average salary in the amount of time deciphering defined calendar days without a holiday for the period. – Calendar days (excluding non-attendance at MPS) – Do not take into account the absence was excused. In the formation of transcripts for the average salary in the amount of time deciphering the defined calendar days during the same period excluding sick days for all types of sick leave and vacation days to care for children under 3 (6) years. 5.

Quant. marks – the number of digits after the decimal point in the value of the sum of the average wage. 6. Formation factor increase – a sign of the average wage index. Can be one of the following: – rate remains unchanged – is used in case of failure of the enterprise user index average salary for the period. – Determine the basic salary – is used in the case of the average wage index for the period in accordance with the coefficient of increase of base salary. – To determine the coefficients inflation – is used in the case of the average wage index for the period in accordance with the rate of inflation.

Manufacturing Enterprise Management

The company 'Balance Service' has successfully completed a project for an integrated automation network oil trader company "ASPEC" on the basis of '1 C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 '. In a single information system central office and work Eight regional holding companies. Company Guide "ASPEC" was a common accounting system, allowing a complex economic situation proactively manage regional businesses to manage accounts debt, the company cut costs and increase productivity. During the project, automated 77 jobs. JSC "ASPEC" has 16 years experience in the oil and oil products. Monthly sale enterprise is more than 100 thousand tons of petroleum products. The company has over 800 permanent partners in 73 regions of Russia, including oil traders, owners of gas stations, trucking organizations, industrial enterprises, Road construction management, agro-industrial enterprises, municipalities and others to ensure full control of all business processes holding company 'ASPEC' required a comprehensive, modern system of accounting automation, allowing to unify accounting, tax, management accounting head office and regional companies into a single information space.

It was necessary to provide operational management of regional enterprises receive the consolidated financial statements, assessing the effectiveness of a holding company as a whole, and each company individually. As a result, detailed analysis as the basis for the project was chosen as the software '1 C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 ', allowing to organize a comprehensive information system in accordance with corporate, Russian and international standards and providing financial and economic activities of the enterprise. Most of the needs of JSC "ASPEC" could be solved with standard features of the product, and the scalability and flexible platform '1 C: Enterprise 8 'allows us to adapt a typical configuration for industry-specific enterprise – accounting oil trading transactions.