Problematic Clients

The satisfaction of the customer gives us the reputation and credibility that we need, however, occasionally we have a problematic client, which makes our work is no longer fun. Web development is much more than designing sites, achieve a good position or make major campaigns, web development implies first of all a service provided to a specific client, in that sense we must be prepared to face all situations complicated before, during and after delivered our project. Obviously the situation is not to walk undoing us clients so that if, since there are undeniable realities as our need to work and an offer of services more and more in the area of web development, but although it is a difficult decision, we should not compromise therefore exceedingly our integrity, professionalism, experience and character, undergoing the temperament, disorganization, arrogance, lack of vision, disrespect and other counterproductive attitudes that could have certain customers. Every time we face with situations and stressful customers will have two possible solutions: one is to take the necessary steps to correct it, and the other is, accept that we cannot change it and resign from that client. But under no circumstances we must remain immutable and indifferent to bad attitudes, disorder and lack of professionalism of a client. Here’s my list of the 14 reasons to be rid of a client: bad Planner. It is common to find us with customers who want that we plan the project for him, that’s all right, if we can add the cost of service on your Bill, but many are totally defined ideas what they want, making us coming and going, meetings after meetings, until landing his ideas, as I repeat, if the intended collection believe that it pays these hassles becausethen there is no problem, otherwise we must consider a decision. When ask for extreme deadlines. Many clients contact us when they are against time and wish that we address their urgency, but without a good willingness to reward our sacrifice.