Venezuelan Resource

One of the most valuable resources available to the company is its human, capital resource that should not be overlooked, must be attentive to provide all the tools, knowledge that ensures productivity, results, as well as salaries, wages, benefits that guarantee their quality of life. A human resource that must motivate it, integrate it into cohesive teams, give the necessary attention to their requirements and collaboration that favours him efficiently on their performance. SMEs neglect much to this resource and its implications are negative at achievements, productivity, hence the importance of identifying with the responsibility to be attentive to this obligation that benefits the operability of all company. Before this reality and importance has been formulated the following question. QUESTION 5-analyze the current reality of the business sector with respect to the management of human resources, highlighting the main obstacles and propose their solutions in order to have a good planning of resources humans that guarantee productivity and achievements. REVIVED in many writings, comments thereon, found that Venezuelan management recognizes the importance of human resources management, however is aware that little is done in favour of them, especially with regard to their training, development, salaries, benefits and especially motivate them that their initiative, creativity dips.

It cannot be denied, that every organization requires human resources: managers, technicians, administrative, labor and staff technical support necessary to achieve their objectives. Search for competent staff is important to the success of the organization. Therefore the achievement of suitable for each function, activity and post human resources is essential in the process of organization. According to f. Davis, cited by Paez, is to depart from the conception that people is the resource, but recommends that knowledge is, what must truly be considered as the resource to develop, as the unique and true competitive advantage. We agree that knowledge, its management, really generates skills which are very important at the present time, therefore be regarded that the companies to be competitive and give step to products, services that consumer demand, requires a qualified staff, aspect that must not be neglected.