Dreams Life

Fighting for a dream Tal once you are one of those people who spend only dreaming and never get anything in life. That kind of people who only see life pass without never achieve anything, because they dared not or not persevered to achieve their goals. It is very sad to see how many people you can see life through their noses and never strive to get what they want, they just expect that both want to reach them by chance, luck or some good pass which play the destination, but the truth is every man chooses his own destiny. Every man is the fruit of their thoughts, words and actions. I would say that 10% results in a man’s life depends on the circumstances and the other 90% depends on their decisions. Why then there are people who are successful and others not? We have seen people rise from poverty to wealth, instead we see others who are still stuck in the same situation. Both types of personalities were surrounded by the same circumstances, but only one of them decided to change them.

Then, what person prefers be you? Life us offers challenges, that’s what life wants, that we face them, we learn from them, when we overcome every trial is a triumph over a plot of life that will take us to bring us ever closer to the automaestria. It is when we reach the point of mastering all the circumstances that surround us and we become owners and masters of our destinies. We are all born into different circumstances, that is because of the decisions that we take in the past, but we are not condemned to live forever in them. We can rise above them, when not repeat things that we trajeros to such circumstances. As said Jesus when he healed the blind man go and not kids more, personally no me gusta the word sin, so I rather call errors.


Water and fire people can watch endlessly. These two elements were accompanied by a man from time immemorial and are still an integral part of our lives. Probably each of us in the autumn rainy evening would have been nice, wrapped in a soft blanket, sit in a comfortable chair and watch the dazzling glare of fire in the fireplace, listen to the pleasant crackling embers. Fireplace is a symbol of stability and comfort, it creates a pleasant atmosphere and uplifting. The fireplace in our view – it is part art, allows us to give a romantic image of home-town.

Fireplace in the interior is primarily an aesthetic role, therefore, like architectural Structures are classified according to their styles. Style fireplace is given based on the style of the room. Each style is characterized by certain features: Classic style is characterized by a kind of conservatism, the main distinguishing feature of this style is symmetric. Typically, such a fireplace is U-shaped portal, which is decorated with sculptural elements and bas-reliefs and an open hearth. For a classic characteristic colors of calm, pastel, warm tones. Classic fireplace is inextricably linked with the entire interior of the premises. Neoclassicism is somewhat similar with classicism, but the distinguishing feature – the lack of historical context.

Fireplaces in the neoclassical style correspond to the fashion of today. This fireplace will look great even in the most unusual interior. Fireplaces in rustic style (translated from the Latin "a simple, rough") are usually made of a porous material: sandstone or limestone. This style is characteristic of untreated surface, calm colors, peculiar nature. "Natural" surface looks good with modern furniture and modern electronic technique. Country style suitable for those who want something unusual, for example, to plunge into village life. Fireplaces of this style are made from materials with natural colors. Used for facing bricks, wood. These fireplaces look very comfortable and inexpensive. If you want to have at home a piece of England, can stay on the fireplace in the Victorian style. Such fireplaces originally looked in the offices and living rooms of the classical style. Placed in a specially made niche in the wall panel elements are made of wood. Baroque, Gothic – the styles of fireplaces are rarely used in the interiors of buildings. By choosing the fireplace should be approached with responsibly. If furniture, wallpaper, interior, we can change several times in their lives, the fire will enjoy more than one generation.