Hey Mom Daughter

I said yes. I did go and call my friend. She’s greeting to Ms. saying: Hey Mom, he’s Pedro. The lady told me if it was true that her daughter was going to stay with me. A little disturbed, I said yes, thinking I was going to shout But Ms. It was quite the opposite. The Mrs.

was delighted to stay with me. And I said, “Please welcome my daughter, I can not help me, I have many children. I’d rather be with you, with that vague gang for beating him. ” He told me that the boy in love with his daughter, was an idler who did not work, they stopped taking drink in a park. He told me he hit his daughter, too. Thus began my romance with the 16 years. She went with me every day, stayed with me, I cook, it was almost my wife. On Sundays, was the only day that asked me for money to go to the disco with his friends and I gave her to come out with boys and girls of her age.

One Sunday came out happy because I gave him the money. At 10 pm back tears, his arms with bruises and a cut on his leg. I ran to meet her, I asked him what had happened and told me that her boyfriend had beaten and cut. I asked why? And she said that she had invited to dance at the matinee album, had paid the ticket for both, had invited him beer and he had bought a pole for dancing, but in the end the party the money asked him go with his friends to smoke cocaine base and she said she no longer had.