The Fall

The international market of products of high aggregate value can suffer an impact for indeterminate time, with concentration of activities in the countries that to manage the crisis better financial. Sales and fusing of great corporations will appear in the international market as strategical solutions of reduction of costs and survival for some businesses. In this scene nor the masters of the efficiency will leave unharmed, because companies search operations flexible, profitability, in the countries that can offer better options of market. The fall in value of the barrel of oil at risk continues placing economies of countries that depend on this type of commodities. To get worse the situation, some countries are practising protectionism with the justification of conservation of jobs, that in the globalization provokes the opposite exactly, perhaps in short term defend the local works, but in the long medium and, they finish provoking the extinguishing of many vacant of job that delay to reappear in the productive chain.

In this berlinda all we finish wronged, with the lack of resources, investments and contributions for essential sectors, as health, recycling, social assistance and workmanships of support the devoid communities spread by the world. With the fall of invoicing of the organizations even though pertaining foundations the great companies start to see its resources scarce. In this scene all, Brazil, is an exception the rule, will go to grow exactly with the effect of the international crisis, identified as a possible economy of sustentation business-oriented in the global market.

Yahoo Answers

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The Capacity

As it shows the data below, a behavior of accented dependence in relation to the transferences, throughout the period in detriment of the capacity of proper collection of the cities. TABLE 1. Degree of dependence (%) of the cities of the RN (2001-2007) PERIOD EXTRACT I EXTRACT II EXTRACT III EXTRACT IV 2001 90.17% 90.12% 86.23% 88.74% 2002 91.82% 96.68% 82.48% 90.17% 2003 97.83% 102.53% 90.62% 101.41% 2004 95.82% 100.03% 89.30% 99.39% 2005 96.98% 103.26% 91.57% 100.05% 2006 91.63% 96.66% 89.73% 97.72% 2007 93.14% 98.79% 88.84% 100.99% AVERAGE 93.91% 98.29% 88.40% 96.92% CONCLUSIONS The gotten results show the generation of microcities, without scale of efficiency, many of which privileged with quotas of transference, however without results of operation and stimulatons for exploration of, bases taxes and of proper collection. pointers had demonstrated an accented behavior of dependence with regard to the transferences, in about 100% what sample that almost the totality of the resources tributaries is proceeding from federal transferences and inefficiency in the formation of proper resources, in the same way that the analyzed cities had presented low degree of proper support, mainly in the small cities. Finally, a quandary was verified, of the effort of the great cities in exploration of proper resources, the increasing of the public services and budgetary insufficiences and rise of index of poverty if compared increase with the small cities. On the other hand, the transferences oppose the efforts of the microcities, in the collection of resources proper tributaries, that it shows in to its I privilege it composition to receive quotas significant, not in the form of reduction of inaqualities, or increase of the efficiency of the operation of public machine and yes the operative use of allotment criteria, where it could be thought about efficiency criteria that the main economic pointers could better and thus to reduce the adverse effect caused by the transference and the regressividade tax.

Adam Smith

At last, Smith demonstrated through its workmanship that the State would have to intervine the possible minimum in the Economy, point where we are in relating low the taxation and to the stimulaton of the free competition she enters the members of the society, therefore only in such a way market if would autorregularia and produce good in the amount and the price that the proper society waits. After all, the direct intervention of the State in the Economy would cause the reduction of the welfare state. In accordance with the thought of Adam Smith, the intervention of the State would cause in a less efficient Economy, therefore, that it would not only generate little wealth to the proper governmental being as well as for the individuals. As the Smiths, the individuals, despite they are in search of its proper capital without thinking about the society, finish contributing for all exactly that indirectly: ' ' All individual pledges itself continuously in discovering the application most advantageous of all capital that it possesss. With effect, what the individual has in sight is its proper advantage, and not it society. However, the search of its proper natural individual advantage or, before, almost necessarily, takes to prefer it to it that application that causes the biggest advantages for the society Since each individual looks for, in the possible measure do, to use its capital in fomenting the activity national and directing in such way this activity that its product has the maximum possible value, each individual necessarily is strengthenn for increasing to the possible maximum the income of the society. Generally, in the reality, it does not intend to promote the interest public nor it knows until it is promoting it to point (…) aims at only its proper profit and, in this, as in many other cases, is led as that for invisible hand to promote an objective that was not part of its intenes' ' (The wealth of the nations) ' '.


But, to occur compensation, the interest has that to be extended not to impactar in the private availability of resources. Who loses in this economy is who does not have capital to invest in headings that are paid for these interests. In this in case that, it increases the demand for paid headings for high taxes of interests, reducing the level of economic investment and the generation of job and income. This looking at for the side of the private demand for resources. Looking at for the optics of the state.

An increase in the tributes raises the saving of the government and to have compensation, increases the governmental expenses depending on the reply of the private economy, therefore the balance curve is: S (Y? T)? I (r) = (T? G). That the government, since extended saving, only must raise the expenses with investment, since the private initiative is immovable in this dynamics. Its internal absorption was reduced and grew the demand for public headings, since the definition of the interests is one politics of state. There that the problem is born. The government raised the public investment to support the rise of the demand added for the service Brazilian aviary? Unhappyly not. The inverse one occurred. The government more still raised expenses of expenditure, inhibiting the private sector that, without mobility, extended the search for more attractive public headings each time. With the easiness in the private payments to buy tickets (being able to be divided without interests even in 10 times), the layer of the population poor, that suffers with the rise of the interests, consumed this service and reduced without well-being with magnifying of the debts.

The government alavancou the demand added without raising offers, extended the credits for indebtedness and reduced the private saving. In such a way, in a more closed market and with a curve of it offers unchanged, the demand will harm the market economy, since it was extended, for rise of the prices practised in this service. It is as soon as are born the inflations that we live at the moment. It are other aggregate factors that influence the prices for top.