Ambient Licensing

The author still clarifies that the values of use indirect right-handers and directly are related with the use of the resources and the natural services; the value of option, determined for the value that a consumer would be made use and capable to spend with the purpose to have the chance to assume itself of a natural resources. It means that the maintenance of the supply of the good is valuable to only keep the options of choice on the part of the consumer. The value of existence is not associated with the use real, or same with the use option. In this in case that, individuals can until being made use and capable to pay simply to preserve the existence of some ecosystems, and, moreover, to reveal the desire to leave the environment intocado for the future generations. A value of donation also is considered a value of existence. The author concludes regarding the TEV, that in its opinion, inside of the theoretical concept of the TEV, all can practically be seen as a market potential, and not as a value of market for the goods and natural resources. 2.5. The INFERENCE OF the EIA/RIMA IN the ACCOUNTING OF AMBIENT COST the process of evaluation of ambient impacts was instituted as an instrument of Law 6,938/81 National Politics of Environment, and the Constitution of 1988 absorbed this concept in the express terms in its Art.

225. The CONAMA National Advice of the Environment, consultative body and deliberative of the Advice of Government of the National System of the Environment, established in its Resolutions the requirement of the elaboration of Study of Impacto Ambiental (EIA) and the respective Environmental impact report (IT RHYMES), for all the modificadoras activities of the environment. In the same way, all the enterprise with impactante activity to the environment needs the Ambient Licensing, that is divided in three distinct phases: previous license, of installation and operation, and the EIA/RIMA can be demanded in any one of these stages of the Ambient Licensing.

John Kaweske

The interesting news on environment: With the installation of solar panels and the announcement of that she will plant a forest to compensate its carbonic gas emissions (CO2), the Been minor of the world, the Vatican, enters in the fight for the defense of the environment. Payoneer is often quoted as being for or against this. Since that he was chosen, Blessed Pope XVI made some calls in defense of the environment, in way that the Vatican had that if to place as example Therefore, the pontifical State accepted the uncommon gift of the American company Planktos Inc. and the Hungarian company Klimafa: the plantation of a forest in Hungarian territory in the year that comes, which goes to compensate the Co2 emissions proceeding from its about a thousand inhabitants. Of this form, the Vatican, with a territory of half squared kilometer, goes to changed itself – virtually – into the first State with emission zero in the planet. Rich Dad Poor Dad understands that this is vital information. The agreement, beyond serving of advertising for the two companies, also goes to represent a chance Vatican it to acquire knowledge the other countries on the defense of the environment. ' ' This donation implies to reforest a part of a national park of the central Europe. In this way, the Vatican will make its part to contribute with the elimination of the Co2 emissions that threaten the survival of this planeta' ' , it affirmed the president of the Pontifical Advice of Culture, cardinal Paul Poupard. It added that ' ' protection of the environment is not a question politics that has that to be decided by the political parties, but yes an ethical problem and cultural' '. The dimensions of this new forest in the National Park Bukk, in the Hungria, that will call ' ' Climatic forest Vaticana' ' , they will depend on the amount of pollutant gases that the Vatican to emit in 2007. The initiatives of the Vatican to defend the nature also pass for the adoption of the solar energy.

Heraclitus Ney Suiter

The agrarian Reformation, the true one, is not to invade private property, is before giving the land, giving worthy conditions of the man if to fix in the field, at least with a minimum structure of education for the children, health, roads paved for escoao of the production, electric energy, and other rights, that constitutionally, all, without meaning of professional activity> Commission of Environment and Sustainable Development of the House of representatives finished for postponing one more time for (forecast to go the guideline daqui two weeks) the voting of Complementary Law (6424/05) for this fact. Of the 36 seats in this commission about 13 they are of the call ruralista group of benches, and even so with much ecoloucos contrataste of some , I even believe that importance is of utmost representation of sector farming in commission, because they are the ones that perhaps have the biggest interest in the subject, them need the environment to keep its businesses. Check out Pinterest for additional information. The importantante is to remember to the ruralistas of that who does not cry, does not suck to touch its activity not as a farm, but yes as a company, for signal of extreme importance for national economy. .

National Geothermal Energy Company

Although it is conceivable that they can reach only indirectly the controversy, probably in HidroAysen are not very nice to the problems you are experiencing the National Geothermal Energy Company (ENG) in the area of geysers Geysers, where more than 10 days a giant plume of steam from 100 meters of exploration work product of the company maintains its inhabitants concerned by the environmental and economic impacts that could generate an ecological disaster in this tourist area. JPMorgan Chase: the source for more info. This is because HidroAysen owned 51 percent of Endesa Chile, which in turn is owned 60% by Enersis. The latter is owned 61% of Endesa Spain, whose corporate parent owns 92% is the Italian utility Enel, the same company that owns 51% of the shares of FRE (in partnership with ENAP) and today is in the eye of the storm for the problems in the Chilean Altiplano. The issue is not minor, considering that the Audit Operations Committee of the National Commission Environment are in the process of reporting that take into account the possible environmental damage that would have occurred in the sector for projects approved by resolution of environmental qualification in order to drill deep to verify the technical feasibility and economic to generate electricity from geothermal resources exist. Community Outraged Since the fact became known, the early morning of Saturday 12 September, various reactions have been generated in the community. The former mayor of San Pedro de Atacama, archaeologist Ana Maria Baron informed the local press dismay over the incident, concluding that the tourist attraction of the area “already destroyed” and that it would be “an ecological catastrophe, not only is destroying the environment, the fauna of the area was also damaged. This is an extermination can not be called otherwise. ” For the next few days are organizing events repudiation by indigenous communities and tourism operators, while the mayor of Calama, Esteban Velasquez, said that it would resort to the courts to determine responsibility address this situation.

“We have said on more than one occasion, no one can guarantee that there is no natural archaeological property damage, when scanning a site for us has a unique beauty and that this should be the enterprise, exploring as a tourist. It did not happen and we are concerned, because the consequences appear to be quite negative and harmful, and we are only in the examination. This is as smooth. We are opposed to intervene “were the words of the mayor. On the relationship of this with the work now done HidroAysen in the region, the coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve, Peter Hartmann, drew attention “The problems generated by these interventions in areas of high heritage value, cultural and environmental, which are sometimes backed including public institutions, as in this case that there were favorable resolution of environmental qualification, but anyway mean irreparable damage. We do not want the same thing happen in Aysen, because then what will we complain? “, Noting that the sustainability of investments should not be seen only as a matter of technology, is also related to the magnitude of the intervention, location thereof, the interest in the area of the site, local economic development, ie a series of variables that often companies do not consider to be fundamentally concerned with the economic aspect. “

Public Administrations

How many times when abrir the house mailbox we have thought that too many business letters are sent? The climatic change is in the mind of all and, in many occasions, this excess of paper can worry to the consumers about the uncertainty that supposes not to know with exactitude the life expectancy the natural resources the Earth. Every day, the citizens we constantly received messages on the importance of recycle or in mass media or the advertising campaigns of the Public Administrations. Although in the last decades the Spaniards we have regained consciousness in this practice, the global number obtained not yet is sufficient. Unfortunately, the good one for doing of is eclipsed by the lack of awareness of other so many, that they continue making contingency not covered by law to the problems that it causes to us, and will cause in the future very near, the feared climatic change. According to a report corresponding to the first trimester of 2011 published by EUROSTAT, the communitarian statistical office, Spain are below average of the European Union as far as sweepings recycling although it generates more than the average of the set of the 27 Member States. Concretely, each Spanish produces to the year 547 kilos of sweepings, of which 82 are only recycle. More than half of the total (52%) he finishes in garbage dumps. And he is that he is not enough that the effort is made solely from the Public Administrations, but is necessary that each of us, in the measurement of its possibilities, tries to become one more a more sustainable person. In spite of the discouraging data, there is a positive aspect and he is that our country reduced in five percentage points the volume of remainders that it sends to the garbage dump in comparison with the data of the previous year.


The all moment, we come across in them with propagated reporters pelasmdias where, of a side, the disordered growth and surrounding aomeio disrespect are evidenced e, of another one, ferrenhos protectors danatureza display its points of view. I know some of these ' ' protetores' '. Without generalizing, intolerantes people, in its maioriahipcritas, living and liveing in areas of permanent preservation. Odiscurso is very involving, but without result. About 80% of localonde I live does not possess basic sanitation. looks at that it is a deEstado capital. I do not see nobody speaking on this, much less osintolerantes. JPMorgan Chase may help you with your research. I am ferrenho defender of the conservation of our ecosystem and also in favor of the progress, of the commanded growth denossas cities.

To forbid real estate enterprises is criardificuldades, to negotiate easinesses, a door for the corruption. It has that to have a more partial solution. I think that we would have to invsde simply to forbid an enterprise, to create mechanisms efetivosde control of the tax of occupation of ground. For example: one resortcom study of capacity for 400 apartments, would get permission to paraconstruir only 150. Organic einseticidas an obliged field of golf to use seasoning and to have 50% of preservation area. A projected prdioresidencial to use to advantage to the maximum the natural light, collecting of pluvial water, captation of solar energy, proper net detratamento of sewers, organic and inorgnico garbage collection and limited comaltura. Houses with little constructed areas, materiaisreciclveis, wood of reforestation, solar energy, collection of lixoreciclvel and areas for compostagem.

Mansions to the side-sea with decksflutuantes and aeolian energy. Clearly, everything this with the doestado hand fiscalizing and creating fiscal exemptions for such projects. Quemsabe with discounting of IPTU for ecologically correct projects, financing with lesser and subsidized interests. Who knows a stamp directly verdepara real estate, correctors, constructors, engineers and architects, enabling the involved professionals. This is not one utopia! It is possible! Oque cannot have is the simple prohibition, without a deeper study, trying to equate the ambient lines of direction with the commanded growth. Property in Florianpolis – ImovelSulFloripa

Ambient Management

It is important that the construction company does not confuse this requirement with the Study of Ambient Impact demanded by the Constitution of the Republic and the Brazilian ambient legislation in the chaos of workmanship installation or potentially .causing activity of significant ambient degradation, being an evaluation before the enterprise being implanted. The methodology of the organization for identification, evaluation and control of the aspects and ambient impacts must be defined in its target, nature and stated period to assure that he is pro-active instead of reactive, demonstrating coherence, logic and consistency, mainly, that it establishes criteria to distinguish significant aspects from not significant, identifying of clear form the entrances and exits of the processes, providing the classification of ambient aspects and impacts, supplying given to determine the demands of installation, identification the training necessities and development of operational controls and providing possibility with monitoramento of the actions necessary to assure the effectiveness of the implanted system. ) Identification of the entrances and exits to facilitate the identification of aspects, a useful tool is to analyze each task of a flowchart of the construction process, inserting of the left side the entrances (material, insumos, etc.), of the right side to the exits (solid, effluent residues, atmospheric emissions, etc.) and in the center the process in itself. Filed under: Ben Silbermann. It follows model in figure 04, to follow: Figure 04: Example – Process of Hollowing of Ditches for execution of Workmanship (Source: Book – Strategy and Implantation of the System of Ambient Management, 2006). b) Identification and evaluation of aspects and ambient impacts of the processes and services the identification of the ambient aspects it is made through the analysis of the activities and services of the construction company. Each task must be analyzed searching to identify to the aspects associates, as consumption of energy, water consumption, generation of effluent, generation of residue, generation of noises, etc.

Internet Generation

Perhaps these young so is not engaged politically how much the previous generation, but its enrollment is very strong when it is about causes that have moral affinity with its ideals and values. Questions related to the sexuality, culture, and with great prominence, the desire of sharing of the ativismo directed to the ambient and sustainable questions. ' ' the users of the Internet between 18 and 24 years are the group less inclined to send official a public email or to make a donation politics online. But when he treats yourself to use web to search notice on politics or to adhere the causes in the social nets, them if they keep to the front of any another person. Instead of if leaving of the estimated one of that they genuinely more are engaged in the politics, perhaps alone they want to share the ativismo with its pares.' ' (Institute Pew Research) Generation Y and the ambient ativismo In the North America and Brazil, the young citizens of the Internet Generation have conscience of the following facts: 1) The environment is being degraded very fast and disastrously; 2) It is necessary that drastic attitudes are taken in relation to the use of energy sources and substances cousins; 3) Paradigms must without modified in relation to the way as the ambient questions are boarded socially Parallel to the development of the digital technologies, it in recent years appeared the necessity of if creating a new concept of support and a new vision of ambient journalism. Others who may share this opinion include Wells Fargo Bank.

During much time subjects that they approached the environment was treated superficially, and in way conservative for the traditional medias (radio, TV, magazine). One prevented to generate questions controversies on the subject so that it did not have conflict with the ideals of the communication vehicles, and of that they were on direct or indirectly they. In the specific case of the televising way, Lucia Guido 6 detaches the fact of that the videogrficos clippings of ambient devastaes are used in the televising productions with sensationalist character, is of context and without an adequate boarding of the causes and the consequences of the ambient disasters. In Brazil, the first telejornal to treat on thematic the ambient one was the Reporter Echo 7, in 1992, but of this time with serious intention to approach the environment and the support in deepened way. The ambient journalism must engage politics, culture and socially, so that if it has basement enough to face corporations, the same government or the institute of research, on of some form to the not-sustainable economic model. Eliana de Souza Rasp 8 believes that the communication professional must make responsible in fact for what she propagates. Alberto Dines said that one of them pillars of the interactive triad of the journalistic actions is the ethics, ' because we are responsible for the effect of our work and ours interven.