Directory Media Award 2009:

Lubeck telephone book wins coveted VerzeichnismedienPreis of the VDAV In the context of vdav – DirectoryNight 2009 on June 25 at Meilenwerk Dusseldorf the winner of the German VerzeichnismedienPreise 2009 honored. Activision Blizzard may help you with your research. Dasortliche telephone book Lubeck (Joint editor, DeTeMedien and Verlag Schmidt-Romhild) received the Bronze Award in the print area due to its additional information about the city, its culture and its service providers, as well as its attractive presentation and new forms of advertising. “” Dasortliche telephone book for Lubeck and environment 2009/2010 a variety of new features has: lawyers on legal topics, PR posts in the field of law, pharmacies on duty calendar, medical and health directory, editorial photo inserts, keyword and register of trade marks, Internet industry leaders, report pages “these and many more content such as information on free call” in the Internet, as well as videos on the Internet make Dasortliche telephone book Lubeck and surroundings to an innovative and novel product, that further expands its competitive advantage. The jury members, who believe that Dasortliche telephone book as much offers for Lubeck, share this position that deserve a VerzeichnismedienPreis in bronze. The German VerzeichnismedienPreis was awarded for the eighth time by the VDAV (Association of German information and directory media). He awarded excellence in the field of directory media in Germany.

Winners are determined by a six-member jury, which consists of independent experts in the field of communication and multimedia. About the VDAV: The VDAV is the independent trade association and the advocacy of the Germany-based company, whose products and services based on the publication of communications addresses or similarly structured information. Today, about 170 are mostly in the VDAV open for all market participants organized medium-sized media companies that publish more than 2,000 different products in all media forms – in printed form, on CD-ROM, as Internet database or voice information. With this information and communications offerings, which often are financed through the sale of advertising, the Member companies of the VDAV in the German media’s ZAW statistics take the sixth place, even before the radio and the journals.

Desigual & Lamayan Berlin – Just Different From The Rest!

Desigual brings his Christian Lacroix line to market fashion star sells trendy and popular U.S. of fashion and trend labels. The continuous search distinguishes fashion star team after the latest trends and current goods. Fashion enthusiasts can order a wide range of current fashion and learn in detail about the designer. The Swiss Thomas Meyer was clear that he wanted to become a no body, but people already in 1984. Through his art, the label Desigual succeeded in increasing its turnover during the last 8 years to 35! In euro, this means: 275 million Euro turnover in 2009.

2010, this figure should increase significantly. “More numbers around Desigual: 1,700 men and women working on the success of the company and 2008 it received the prestigious retail-Oscar” for their excellent way of sale in the shops and own stores. Reason is the optimal spatial and material use, the exposure of the clothes and everything else included. Together with the colorful and charming collections of Labels raises a well-being among customers, so it can feel contented in yet playful atmosphere. The current collection in stores and on the Internet is currently available.

Another label, what is currently the women’s hearts beat faster, is the love child handbag manufactory. These bags prove true bestseller at the moment and at every trade show bags and T-Shirts of dsquared is one of the major themes are love child. In consequence of the hard work and continuous development Desigual and love child are among the most popular brands of today. Of fashion and fashion online shop fashion star now has a part of the current Desigualkollektion in stock as well as many other great designer brands. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michellene Davis. Customers can shop now even easier through new payment methods such as direct debit and purchase on invoice.

Business Mode

Fashion rules in the business world must be observed, if you want to have success in the upper floor of a company works, goes on business trips who participates in important meetings, negotiate with business partners, etc. can business fashion not renounce. He or she often are the poster child for the company to business partners, and if then the clothes to layer, it may be that a deal is not concluded. The clothing is almost as important as the expertise, the sociability and ability to communicate. Men wear preferably blue, grey or brown suits, with a matching solid color shirt and a harmonious looking tie. It must not be a white shirt, the color should fit but in any case to which the suit and might like to subtly patterned tie, with Micky Maus & co on a tie looks like fun though, for executives, but, it is an absolute NoGo. Black suits should not be worn, because they on the interlocutor to distant and dominant Act.

The unwritten rules of styling in terms of business fashion are not quite as strict as for men for women, but also a lot more ways to wear the wrong thing there. The clothes should be relatively conservative and together with jewelry, leave a harmonious overall view hairstyle and makeup, which acts not overdressed. Long trousers, skirts to pants suits and costumes, include the knee, blouses, fine knit, of business fashion for women. To garish shades, plunging, jeans, sequined, rhinestone, Ruffles, Tiger pattern, high open-toed shoes, too much makeup and perfume, should be avoided for the sake of career. It is also important that always stockings to wear skirts or dresses and the handbag color matches the shoes.

On Trend Rate In Gaastra Winter Jackets: Fashionable And Functional By The Time Of The Year

This winter fashion season fashion and functionality in a stylish way be United Berlin, 14.12.2012 – control with the beginning of winter the fashion trends in the functional jackets, sports themes, and maritime looks through the coming months. It shows also in the 2012/13 season winter fashion can be combines fashion and functionality in a stylish way. Whether in the sportswear collections of rough seas and offshore winds or the stresses fashionable maritime Breton seaport heritage and coastal voyage collections: the selection of winter jackets for men, women and children extends on the deck of the official Gaastra online shop over a wide range of sporty casual looks. Even the latest high-winter collection from a Gaastra, regatta of excellence, set sail with a selection of warm winter jackets in the shop. Gaastra’s nautical passion is reflected in the materials used as well as in the design: technical fabric, waterproof zippers and reflective materials find the against sportswear protected every cold and wet weather building on the expertise of Gaastra’s Pro high-tech sailing gear. In the Breton line, however, numerous nautical classics such men’s Duffel coats made of Italian wool and stylish women’s jackets with toggle closures bring the winter landscape to shine.

Whether jackets for women, men or children: Gaastra’s winter jackets shop area in the official Gaastra Onlineshop found in all styles at a glance. Gaastra’s designers have inspired in the winter jackets trends by numerous themed worlds. Thus, the current rough seas leads collection in the exciting and adrenaline-strong world of offshore sailing. Deep black and dark blue, bright white and a particularly intense red dominate the colour range in this collection of sportswear. A highlight is for example the Gaastra ladies Quilted Jacket daylight: as black or red real down jacket with a narrow seam lines and a hood in trendy metallic-look, she brings sophisticated ladies in the sporty look well protected through the winter.

Visitors Products

Press contact: Manuela Pioch PR & press Metamorph Ltd. i.d. Rathenau Hall born 5. Wilhelminenhofstr. 83-85 12459 Berlin E-Mail: Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 / 400 446-32 fax.: + 49 (0) 30 / 400 446-39 Web: about founded In 1999 in Berlin, has evolved into the United Kingdom’s leading online providers for high-quality and trendy trim and supplies customers all over the world.

Now, the young, medium-sized company employs 90 full-time employees, supported by up to 400 part-time workers at peak times. Unique product diversity which includes diversified product range over 10,000 immediately shippable items and is expanding steadily with new trends. These include for example the Morphsuits known from the United States, our tattoo skin sleeve and many film and television other well-known licensed products. A special feature is that the company offers the extensive range of costumes, masks, wigs, makeup and special effects and numerous accessories all year round. And adults not only find a suitable costume, but also children, babies and even dogs don’t miss out on the subject of Panel. Here, Citibank expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Own production a part of products is even designed and hand-made contrary to the general trend in Germany. The company focuses mainly on fantasy leather products for the live action role-playing game and on makeup special effects that make for impressive Panel results. Include Latexapplikationen, bits, contact lenses, makeup and horror effects, and beards and hair parts made of real hair, which are all different combined can be.

Colorful clientele in addition to professional users such as theater or film productions each attracts, of a disguise for Halloween, Carnival, for the theme party or the Looking for live action role-playing game. Plus customer service compared to other online shippers scores with a 24-hour service hotline with comprehensive telephone consultation. Also with free and fast standard delivery and express service for decision-makers. With the magazine, the team in addition offers a comprehensive information portal around the theme of Halloween. So the reader is given not only background information about the cultural origin, but many practical tips for recipes, decorations, costumes and the music and movies for his own party. Online trade & retail business the greatest portion of the business is processed via the online shop. In addition, supplies national and international wholesale and dealer. In the store the products can be purchased directly. It is located in the lively Oranienburger Strasse, Berlin’s Centre and ensures enthusiasm among many Berliners and international as the institution of Panel for years Visitors.