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Elevated cholesterol levels should not be taken lightly. They are often a first warning sign for that of their own life style and eating habits should be questioned. With a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood (over 200 mg Chol. / dl blood) this can be deposited on the insides of blood vessels this calcification is a possible risk factor for heart and cardiovascular disease. A high cholesterol can be a congenital disorder of fat metabolism, but mostly he is a consequence of unfavourable compound nutrition. Since in Austria a too high proportion of fat as energy supplier is taken, it is not surprising if the cholesterol levels in many people is increased. But not only the amount of added fat is crucial–especially the quality plays a crucial role in this diet. Only small changes in eating habits are often necessary, to effect a reduction in cholesterol.

The annual health examination, you will informed about your cholesterol levels and can meet therefore if necessary also the appropriate countermeasures in consultation with your doctor. The healthy study is thus an important part of the health care and will help you to prevent these ailments and diseases. Elevated cholesterol it again in 2 ways the values to normalize: regular exercise and a healthy diet. This article focused in a row on the importance of healthy diet for elevated cholesterol levels. NUTRITION at a glance prefer vegetable oils and fats: total cholesterol and LDL effect (negative cholesterol) lowering and at the same time HDL (positive cholesterol) increasing. Walnut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, corn oil and flaxseed oil are of particularly high quality.

These oils use turns to cooking or salads. Build the abundant and regular fiber in the food list. In soft fruit, apples, pears, citrus fruits, grapefruit, Bananas and carrots contained pectin, contributes to the increase of positive cholesterol. Vegetables, salads, full-featured products, legumes, oat and wheat bran to reduce the absorption of cholesterol into the blood it is excreted partly by the rapid digestion. Dried beans resuspend the LDL with the indigestible parts of the legumes from the blood. Raw and also cooked onions reduce the LDL and raise HDL levels. Garlic contains organic sulfur compounds and lowers the LDL as a result and the triglyceride levels and increase the HDL. Everest Capital may help you with your research. Cold water fish (salmon, herring, mackerel, tuna, etc.) are important fats and should be at least 1 time a week on the menu. It is not the quantity significantly a small portion contains already sufficient high-quality fatty acids. Avoid animal fats; large amounts of dietary cholesterol are hidden in meat, sausage, milk and milk products, eggs and giblets. Eat these foods as low-fat products or only in small quantities. Support the above measures You also in your projects, specifically to reduce existing obesity. Physical activity as schedule such as hiking, biking, swimming, thus you can boost HDL. Health + life GmbH, Gabriele Scheucher, nutritionist